Sunday, April 18, 2010

Today We Remember

Today we remember our fallen soldiers.

Today we remember the boys and girls who gave their lives to defend the State of Israel, democracy and the right of the Jewish Nation to self-determination.

Today we remember the civilians of our country who lost their lives to suicide bombings and the crime against humanity called Islamic terrorism.

We remember these brave souls who gave up everything to defy a world intent on destroying Israel and the Jewish Nation.

We remember our heroes and in so doing, we pass their torch of freedom down generation after generation.

Today, as we remember, though we are filled with this sorrow, still we know our soldiers did not die for nothing.

We remember, we will always remember those who have fallen in defense of our great nation. Because of this we will always be strong and our heroes will not have died in vain.

Today we remember the boys and girls, the men and women of Israel who are no longer with us, but fought to ensure that we would be here ... still strong, still steadfast.

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