Wednesday, July 21, 2010


I LOVE my adopted home, Israel.

When I decided ten years ago to make Israel my home, many thought I was crazy.

Yes , I was doing something totally out of the box by making this move from New York to Israel. But I have never regretted the choice of making Aliya (immigrating to Israel).

Israel is a country of wonder. Her beautiful scenery, multi-cultured society and democratic freedom make her amazing, and as the Jewish State she is totally unique.

Israel’s history is enough to blow a solid adventurer’s mind away. Archaeological sites from the mountain fortresses of Masada, Gamla and Nimrod’s “castle,” to the Western Wall of Jerusalem and ancient “tels” scattered throughout the country are awe-inspiring. It seems every time a shovel goes into the ground to build a new structure, the remains of an ancient one appear.

Today all the marvels and wonders of Israel that comprise but a portion of her greatness are suppressed.

Sadly, my country has been forced to fight over more than six decades for survival, against Arabs states that have denied Israel her right to exist. Since birth Israel has been treated as a nation Ghetto. We have fought wars; now we have tried to fight for peace with these same Arab states, but to no avail.

A smear campaign that denies the Jewish nation’s right to self-determination is being waged. Instead of recognizing Israel for her beauty, her freedoms, her multi-cultured, anti-apartheid society, many will try to sell you a bag of used goods.

These people do not respect Israel’s intense, democratic institutions, no matter how obvious the facts. No, these people do not wish to see all that Israelis have built through their ingenuity.

Yes, our country is physically beautiful, but so are the citizens of Israel.

This is what bothers me more than anything: we Israelis want peace; have done way too much to attain it; yet this horrible smear campaign -- not simply directed at our government --is now directed at us, the people of Israel.

We are portrayed as a people who love occupying the Palestinians, when in reality this has been proven false on numerous occasions.

It is Israelis who created the Oslo Accords. It is Israelis who voted in Ehud Barak in the late Nineties, in the hope of reaching a final peace accord.

How many nations would be willing to endure constant wars from both the Arab world and the Palestinians Arabs? Yet the majority of us are also ready and willing to give the Palestinians the HEARTLAND (Judea and Samaria) of Jewish history, just to reach peace between our nations.

Do not believe the lies; please disregard the falsehoods about Israel. Do not be bamboozled by those who seek to trick you with venomous deceit.

If you want to know and understand Israel, come visit her. Come see our vibrant, beautiful, free and democratic country.


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  1. Thanks Simon,

    I am forwarding this article to a few people.

    Hope to see you soon,

    Dion and the girls