Thursday, October 6, 2011


By Simon Fischler

For too long we on the Israeli side of the Arab/Israeli conflict have been telling ourselves that it is worthwhile – if not imperative -- to understand the other side.

That makes a lot of sense and ever since 1948 when the Jewish State hoped to establish peaceful relations with its Arab neighbors, it has tried over and over to understand, even empathize and sympathize.

Israel has been more than generous in its offerings – TOO GENEROUS – hoping to hammer out once and for all, a peace pact.

What we have come to understand is that no matter what we offer, what we say, and how we try to understand, Israel is on a treadmill to oblivion.

The pure fact of the matter is that Israelis have done too much understanding of the Palestinians. And one of the things that we have come to learn during this endless understanding period, is that the Arabs (euphemistically known as Palestinians) want to eliminate Israel altogether.

One of their methods can be called – to be kind – total ignorance of our historical rights!

Ever since the Jews rejected Mohammad as a prophet; Arabism (remember Islam was started in Arabia by Arabs and is an Arabian political movement based on the Hebrew laws) has been trying to erase Jews and Jewish national, historical facts from the Middle-East map.

They have done so in the following manner:

1. Making war on the Jews of the Arabian Peninsula.

2. Occupying Israel and Jerusalem

3. Desecrating the Temple Mount by building the Al Aksa mosque and the Dome of the Rock on top of it.

4. Over the centuries, Islam unceasingly has made war on Israel and the Jewish Nation. The facts are irrefutable; unless your name is Mahmoud Abbas.

Israel no longer needs to reach out to the Arabs. It is high time for the occupiers of our land to reach out to us.

The “Land for Peace” theory may have made sense four decades ago when hope sprung that – give extra acreage – the Islamists would once and for all end their hostility to Israel.

Alas, we have learned the hard way – very hard way – that “Land for Peace” is a one-way deal. The Palestinians get the land; the Israelis get no peace. Not a bit.

Once upon a time we truly believed that if we give them a bit more land everything would be honky-dory.

Wrong. Oslo proved it wrong and, more recently, the abandonment of Gaza merely underlined the point.

Arab hatred for Israel and the Jewish nation dates back to Mohammad and has been passed on from generation to generation. This venomous feeling has absolutely nothing to do with the creation of the modern state of Israel nor with settlement-building.

Israelis “understanding” the Arabs. Perhaps in an academic way it’s worthwhile.

But on a realistic, personal level, I do not accept their culture that embraces honor killings, chauvinism, female genital mutilation, homophobia, racism and unrelenting anti-Semitism.

American Northerners rejected slavery in the mid-19th Century -- and condemned the slave-holding American south – because the Confederate tenets were morally wrong.

Likewise, I reject what’s wrong about Arab culture and that includes its anti-Semitic falsehoods and revisionist history based on zero facts; all of which is employed by Arab propagandists to delegitimize Israel.

This Jewish nation called Israel has existed where it is now on a continuous basis.

It has done so not for years but for centuries.

We were here long before the Arabs, and this is a scientific fact, proven by archaeology. It unabashedly demonstrates that Jews lived in what is now Israel long before there ever was an Arab presence. Ergo: the Arabs must ACCEPT ISRAEL not the other way around!

It is about time that these facts resonated in the White House, not to mention all the European capitals where the diplomats endlessly harass Jerusalem.

Benjamin Netanyahu need not beg acceptance from our Arab neighbors. WE ARE HERE, WHETHER THEY LIKE OR NOT!

Just as Israel rejected Mohammad as a prophet, modern Israel rejects the ideas of Arabism and Islamization because both will only accept us when we bow down to them and become their slaves.


Until the world understands the Israeli side -- that we have every right to exist in the land that has been ours for centuries, this conflict will never end no matter how hard we try to understand our enemies!

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