Sunday, January 1, 2012


By Simon Fischler

Everyone take a good f---ing look at Peace Now and Americans for Peace Now. They have just released a new media weapon against Israel, it is called NEWS NOSH.

There is no news in it, just garbage.

This phony group and their new rag for delegitimizing Israel stand for only one type of peace -- the one where the sovereign, Jewish, democratic State of Israel is replaced with a fascist, colonialist Arab/Muslim state.

Maybe this will help some of you American Jews realize why such a great chasm has formed between our two communities.

Peace Now and Americans for Peace Now are the prime reason why Israel needs laws to protect her democracy from foreign governments and foreign citizens who wish to destroy the precious gem that Israel holds onto; the only true democracy in the Levant.

Is it not funny that the American Jewish community (for the most part the liberal Reform movement) cries bloody murder when Israel produces an ad campaign pushing for Israeli citizens to return home; but has no problem dictating to Israel how it should behave towards the Arab governments that are attempting to destroy it by means of organizations like Peace Now and Americans for Peace Now?

Yes this is all very tricky. Groups like Peace Now seek to bamboozle you with their names but in the end, it is the same old anti-Israel garbage as before.

The behavior of Peace Now towards the government of Israel and the Israeli Defense Forces after the Gaza War was a glaring example of their venomous behavior. Peace Now actively pushed soldiers to lie about the behavior of the IDF in Gaza. To top it off they gave false documents to Richard Goldstone and the UN which were used against Israel.

In the end Goldstone retracted his stance against Israel, largely because the IDF and the Government of Israel went to great lengths to prove that the info given to him by Peace Now was false.

Do not be fooled; these organizations are funded and used for one purpose: they are committed to destroying Israel.

They stand against human rights by backing Arab colonialism and seek only to delegitimize Israel with out and out lies. Again Peace Now's complicity in the lies of Goldstone Report is just one of the many smoking guns pointing in their direction.

Israel, the only democracy in the Middle-East, North Africa and much of Asia where an Arab or Muslim can protest his or her government without being mauled, shot, stoned, beaten to death or killed in some other Muslim/Arabic fashion cannot afford to give into organizations like this.

In fact it is in the duty of freedom and democracy to pass laws that deny organizations like Peace Now their funding -- funding that is used to support the global Arab/Muslim, Oil campaign to blame Israel for the injustices and Colonialism of the Muslim/Arab world.

Peace Now and American’s for Peace now are merely disguised Arab/Muslim attempts to present WHITE FACES, or in this case JEWISH FACES to America and Europe.

Like the OIL CEO’s and University Honcho’s like Jonathan Cole, Peace Now is really the Israeli HQ for Saudi, Arab, Muslim oil barrens who seek to hide their atrocities behind the made-up Palestinian Nation, their phony refugees and continuation of the conflict against Israel.

As always the Arabs -- as they have since Mohammad -- are attempting to rob the Jewish/Israeli nation of its freedom, self-determination and democracy. Or in this case, Israel’s right to exist in the diplomatic and political arena.

This democracy that Peace Now tries so hard to condemn as unjust is the same democracy that serves all her citizens, Jewish, Bahai, Druze, Circassian, and Arab. Israel does this far better and far more representatively than America and the EU could ever hope to do.

It’s time to tell these haters like it is.

We aren’t going to be fooled by their BROWN SHIRT media campaigns anymore.

Tell them the truth.

It’s not the Knesset that is undemocratic; it’s Peace Now and their fascist friends who stand in the way of FREEDOM, DEMOCRACY, and PEACE.

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