Monday, February 16, 2015

A LETTER TO ROGER WATERS, Grand Master of BDS propaganda

Dear Roger Waters,

In your last anti-Semitic tirade against the Jewish People and the Jewish State you made mention that we Israelis had stolen the land of the indigenous peoples. 

I take it you mean the Arabs who are indigenous to Arabia? 

I find that amusing. You seem to have a complete lack of world history, just to inform you history did not start in the nineteen sixties with PLO propaganda.

The Jewish nation was born in Israel thousands of years ago and JEWS are the indigenous people of the land of Israel not the colonialist Arab/Muslims who invaded the levant in 650ad. 

You also forget Mr. Waters it was your English and European ancestors during the Crusades who slaughtered in one of many genocides committed by your people, the Jews of Israel, then a majority, when trying to take back the "Holy Land". 

You are no different from the Nazis who boycotted Jews during World War Two. 

You say the BDS  movement is for peace, the only peace they stand for is the destruction of Israel. 

That means you stand for the destruction of the democratic state of Israel. That means you stand for genocide, as long as it happens to Jews. 

Maybe you do not understand this but the 80% Jewish State of Israel is sanctioned under international law and the United Nations. You are working with people who disregard international law.

You had the chutzpah to tell Alan Parsons that dialogue is what is needed to end this conflict. Really, that is pretty funny because you support boycotts of Israel and they are the opposite of dialogue.

You told Alan Parsons to visit the Wall Of Life. 

You forgot to tell Alan that the wall was not even started until 2002, two years after your Arab friends REJECTED peace, a Palestinian State and admittedly started a war of suicide bombers against Israeli civilians (a war crime). 

Mr. Waters you will only listen to the lies and propaganda of the colonialist Arabs. One wonders how much they are paying you. 

Good for Alan Parsons, good for him that he ignored your vile lies and good for him that he called you out on your anti-Semitic behavior. He wasn't fooled by your hypocritical lies, neither was Bob Dylan, Leonard Cohen and many others.

We know you are a bully with the backing and money of the Arab/Qatari lobby. We know you use this to intimidate younger, less famous and troubled artists to march in line to your anti-Semitic, Anti-Israel and fascist dictates. 

Mr. Waters, just like the gestapo of old (you're even dressing like them at your shows lately), once the Nazi comes out of the closet these is no returning him. 

You are just another brick in the wall! 

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  1. Liars believe in Lies because they can not accept truth & facts are real, or because the are also weak envious hateful individuals, or because they expect rewards like 72 Arab Virgins in another world which does not exists.