Thursday, April 2, 2015


By Simon Fischler 

Dear American Jews,

World War Three has started in very much the same way World War Two started. 

Like the last Great War this one is starting with a piece of paper.

This Deal is worth nothing.

It represents the complete capitulation by a weak democratic world that can't muster the courage to face down an enemy with blood still dripping from its knife. 

The number of dead from World War Two ranges from 50 million to 80 million. 

These numbers are before the bomb really became the bomb. 

These numbers are before chemical weapons were revolutionized to be used as Assad has in defense of the SHIA/MUSLIM domination emanating from Iran. 

The leaders of Iran, the deviant Mullahs, have scored a major blow against those who fought for freedom inside of Iran. 

They have scored a major blow against freedom in General. 

The tide has turned against all Jews living outside of Israel.

What was once unheard of in America has become the Norm. From universities in the East, West, North and South the demonization of Jews has become fashionable.

In fact it's become so in, Jews can be compared to dogs. 

Not that life will be amazing for us here in Ghetto Israel, but like the Jews of the Warsaw Ghetto uprising, Ghetto Israel is ready to fight.

If we go down fighting the world as we know it will go down. Those who stand for freedom will be hunted down with the Jews.

You Jews sitting in NYC, Paris and London eating your Bagels and Lox, supporting the Jew hating Obama, it is you that will have the rug pulled out from underneath you, just as the Jews of Europe did in the thirties.

By that time, you probably won't have the ability to make it to Israel.   

C'est la vie! 

Now try real hard to internalize this, like in 1956 and 1967, Israel will do what it once did best; defend the Jewish Nation through pre-emptive strikes. 

This is a message to you, the president who you idolize, the same man who has sold out Israel time and time again for his petty ego. 

Do not expect us to commit national suicide, when we are forced to fight, don't be embarrassed by us, be embarrassed by yourselves and your arrogant, egotistical and thoughtless actions.

Do not expect us, Israel, The Jewish Nation, to walk off to the ovens being prepared by Sunni/Shia Arab/ Muslim Nazis. 

You may have lowered yourselves, coward yourselves to level of dogs, (sadly this is very unfair comparison to the dog world) you might accept this but we do not.

We will always be at the forefront of the battle against Fascist Nazism, which ever form it takes, be it colonialist, Arabist Palestinianism, Sunni, Turkik, Ottoman Domination or Shia Persian domination. 

Israel will fight and we will be the light and sword of Freedom! 

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