Monday, May 18, 2015


By Simon Fischler 

I find Bernie Sanders interesting. 

I think I'd like to vote for him but then I see things like this.

Here we have a situation, where Bernie is faced down by a bunch of well-off, white, Vermonters.

These people probably know nothing about Israel (and who happen to be living well on stollen Native American Land), its creation and why Israel is morally correct and why the Arabs are morally wrong for their dream of destroying Jewish self-determination.

Defending Israel should be an easy for a true liberal but Bernie fails utterly and can barely defend his support of Israel.

How independent can you be Bernie? 

Seems like you can't man up and fight or explain to these people why Israel is right.

Bernie maybe you should have asked them a little bit about history.

Maybe you should have asked them if they know who Haj Amin al- Husseini was and if they know that Arab nationalism and Nazism go hand in hand? 

Do they know that Haj worked with Hitler during the Shoah and formulated his own final solution for the Jews of Israel? 

Maybe you should have asked them if they know about the 1929 Hebron massacre of Jews by Arabs? 

Bernie, do they know about the British/Arab white paper laws created to block Jews returning to their home; while letting Arabs pour into Israel from Syria, Iraq and Jordan? 

Bernie if you are embarrassed by Israel then you are no independent. 

You see Bernie, WASPS, Self-hating Jews and Self-hating Christians all enjoy saying Israel's behavior towards the Arabs that call themselves "Palestinians" is akin to the behavior of the Nazi Germans. 

Of course they say this Bernie, as a Jew you should know these people are inherently anti-Semitic. 

The fact that people can compare a nation fighting to defend its citizens against another nation that unabashedly calls for the others destruction to the indiscriminate mass genocide committed against the Jewish Nation by the Germans is the most anti-Semitic notion there is, period! 

Plus this theory gets them off the hook for the very atrocities their forefathers have committed against the Jewish Nation. 

These atrocities have been going on since the Romans (today's Italians) invaded Israel, burned Jerusalem and the Second temple to the ground, murdered hundreds of thousands, if not millions of Jews then living in Israel and created the name Palestinia as an insult to the Jewish Nation.

Bernie it might not be comfortable telling these insane liberals that Israel happens to be a socialist State, that the Kibbutz is the most successful socialist enterprise the world has seen and this is why Noam Chomsky is a fraud when it comes to Israel and a self-hating Jew.

Berns, it isn't easy telling the fanatical liberals that Roger Waters is the White Corporate face for the Arabs who have been using their trillions of dollars from oil money in an attempt to push blame onto Israel. 

They too need an excuse to cover up their Nazi past, their rejection of international law when they single-handily rejected the UN partition of the British mandate into an Arab State and a Jewish State; UN resolution 242 and other international laws. 

These Arabs willfully disregarded international law then threatened the international community by promising to destroy the nascent Jewish State and kill all of the Jews inside of it. 

That's called genocide Bernie; Roger Waters might not like the historical truth but no fascists do.

Bernie a true independent would remind these people that it is Israel that has on more than one occasion offered to give up 97% of Judea and Samaria, all of the Gaza Strip and East Jerusalem for peace. 

It is your job Bernie to school these people and remind them that it is Israel that has accepted peace and it is the Arabs that have consistently rejected peace.

Bernie I'm glad you told them to shut up, but you should have taken them to school and taught them some history.

Now that would have been bold Bernie, but I guess that does not fit your personality.

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