Sunday, April 23, 2017

Always Remember, Never Forget

The Duke of The North

In remembrance of the victims of the Nazi Holocaust we the people of the Jewish Nation, Israel must remember that the Nazis were not alone in their actions. They had the Europeans to work with them, to turn a blind eye to the murder of Six Million Jews

And it is just as important to remember that the Nazis and the Europeans too were not alone in their actions.

The Arabs that call themselves Palestinians today, lead by the first Palestinian Haj Amin al-Husseini aided and abetted the Nazi’s. 

"Who speaks today of the extermination of the Armenians" Adolf Hitler 1939.

Today, who speaks of the work between the Arabs and the Nazis?

Husseini was Hitler's good friend, he raised SS battalions for Hitler and worked effortlessly for the destruction of the Jewish people.

No matter how much the Palestinians or their friends in the liberal, left media try to re-invent history the Arabs were part and parcel to the murder of Six Million Jews.

We must never forget this, nor should we ever let politics get in front of this truth as it has. 

We must never forget, that Haj Amin al-Husseini prepared his own final solution for the Jews of Israel. 

Along with this it is imperative that we recognize that the BDS movement and its siblings are an extension of the Nazi roots started at the very beginning of Palestinian nationalism.

Linda Sarsour is the off-spring of Nazism, she is not woke unless being woke mean being a vile racist.

And like the Brownshirts of 1930’s Germany the BDS movement is using the same type of violence to spread anti-Semitism. 

Nor can we forget that the Jews of Europe believed that the Shoah could never happen in the New Europe. 

We must remember that the new Fascist and anti-Semitic movements that almost all fall under the name of “Liberlism” are spewing the same dangerous anti-Semitism that their Nazi forefathers spread and they are doing so at the same places as their Nazi forefathers on University Campuses around the world.

In fact Antifa has done a beautiful job of almost identically copying the Nazi flag.

And no, it is not Israel’s fault, nor is it Bibi’s fault. 

The anti-Semitism that has become "Cool" today is like all anti-Semitism, it comes from hating us Jews for our progress, our achievements. 

Those pushing for a Label of Jewish goods from Judea and Samaria are the same people who boycotted the Jews of Europe circa World War Two.

On Holocaust remembrance day we need to follow in the foot steps of the fighters of the Warsaw Ghetto. 

We must fight back against the lies being spread about us by Palestinian propaganda whether it be at the United Nations or on University Campuses world wide. 

We must rise up against the anti-Semitic forces growing around the world and against those trying to boycott our people and we must fight them with all of the might of the Jewish Nation State. 

We must remind the world that Israel will not walk off to the ovens again so the EU can feel better about itself.

Nor will we walk off to the ovens because of the continued, hateful attempts of Arab colonialists to destroy Jewish identity history and to rob us of Israel.

Because of our remembrance of the Shoah we will fight for Israel.

For those of the Jewish Nation that perished in the fires of Europe, we will make sure that they did not die in vain and that Israel will always be here to fight against THE NEXT ATTEMPT AT OUR DESTRUCTION! 

The SIRENS will sound tomorrow on Holocaust Remembrance day 2017 and the world must know that WE SHALL NEVER FORGET THE CRIMES OF THE WHOLE OF EUROPE; FOR ALL OF EUROPE WAS NAZI LAND! 


NEVER AGAIN is for real when it is said in Israel, by an Israeli and we must use the IDF to protect Jewish sovereignty AT ALL COSTS! 


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