Friday, December 24, 2010


By Simon Fischler

Top Palestinian Authority negotiator Saeb Erekat has taken time off from proclaiming that “No Jew will live in the future Palestinian State” to tell the press that the PA is afraid of a new Israeli offensive in the Gaza Strip.

Well, Saeb might very well be right about a new offensive happening, due to the increased amount of rockets being shot into southern Israel.

In the last week Israel has endured forty-four rockets from the Gaza Strip. Try to imagine Mexico shooting forty-four rockets into Texas or Arizona on weekly basis!

One of these rockets badly hurt a teenager when it fell next to the pre-school she was walking past. Make no mistake: the rocket was fired intentionally in the early morning, when Israelis are taking their children to school.

What does that sound like to you? Maybe like intentionally targeting civilians, which is a CRIME AGAINST HUMANITY.

But I guess it does not count, because the rockets are being fired against Israelis and we are just not human enough for the world to care.

Here is the problem and where Mr. Erekat could be right. Had that rocket killed the teenage girl, or landed on the pre-school, killing innocent children, be sure that OPERATION CAST LEAD II would already have been underway.

Basically the terrorist organization running the Gaza Strip, HAMAS, is flaunting International Law on a daily and weekly basis.

They are not only intentionally targeting innocent civilians in Israel, they are also hiding behind the civilians they claim to protect, Palestinians living in the Gaza Strip.

That is a DOUBLE WHAMMY in the crimes against humanity department. But the world is quiet.

Is that not ironic? Seriously, where is Annie Lennox now? Why isn’t she protesting against the cruel actions being carried out by the rulers of the Gaza Strip?

Why isn’t UN Leader Ban Ki-moon demanding Hamas stop all rocket fire? Or, for that matter, why isn’t another GOLDSTONE REPORT being created to document the rocket attacks against Israel.

Why? Because this sick world is being run by ARAB OIL money! Those running the UN and its supposed Human Rights Watch are some of the worst PERPETRATORS of crimes against humanity, but because they have OIL they are untouchable.

By the way shouldn’t the American Government and other governments in the free world be deeply scared of the fact that Lebanese Prime Minister Saad Hariri is about to totally give into the threats made by Hezbollah and cancel the UN Special Tribunal for Lebanon?

After all, it was the Lebanese government with American and French backing that demanded the UN conduct a fair and honest trial after the Assassination of former Lebanese Prime Minister Rafic Hariri.

Hezbollah is threatening to stage a COUP in Lebanon if the tribunal isn’t tossed into the dust bin of history.


Hezbollah will do just about anything to stop this tribunal, because they know well enough that the tribunal will indict many of its top militants. How do they know this and why is Hezbollah so afraid? Because, indeed, it was Hezbollah that assassinated Lebanese Prime Minister Rafic Hariri.

Does that mean the world should let Hezbollah get away with murder? Of course not!

For that matter, how can Lebanese Prime Minister Saad Hariri stick a knife so far into the back of the dreams his father had for Lebanon: freeing Lebanon from the hands of Iran and Hezbollah?

He claims he is doing this for the benefit of the people of Lebanon. I really do not see how succumbing to Hezbollah’s (that is, Iran’s) militant threats and selling out the dream of the majority of Lebanon, is for the benefit of Lebanon.

Again, this dream he is about to abandon and destroy is the same one his father started and the same dream that got him and Fouad Siniora before him elected.

It is all the same game being played out by the Arab Governments time and time again.

The Palestinians continue their racist policies towards Israel (such as refusing to recognize Israel as the Jewish Nation State), while demanding Israel recognize Palestinian aspirations. They continue to shoot rockets into Israel from the Gaza Strip while crying wolf to the world. In Lebanon the leadership continues to appease a hostile organization that pays no attention to what the people of Lebanon want.

All of this means is one thing: WAR is sure to come again!

Israel will be ready and the deaths the next war brings will be the fault of the World Organizations that still refuse to hold the Arab Governments responsible for their actions.

But who will be blamed? I think we all know.

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