Tuesday, December 14, 2010


By Schmoel Yitzhak

While he was alive and thriving, Ariel Sharon once examined Arab intransigence and declared that a genuine peace pact with Israel and the Palestinians was no sooner than twenty years away.

Based on the unrealistic events of the past few days, I would say unequivocally that Sharon was right on the mark with his pessimistic assessment of yesteryear.

Really, what manner of deal can be negotiated?

Start with the fact that Barack Obama thinks so much of the State of Israel that he has yet to set foot in the Middle East's only democracy.

That statement alone should end any hope that a realistic deal can some day be hammered out by his administration.

What in Heaven's name is Uncle Sam's Chief Executive waiting for; and don't tell me a written invitation.

So, instead he deputizes his lackey Mitchell who will coax some kind of concession out of Benjamin Netanyahu but that, too, will be useless.


Any deal with Israel is predicated on two points: 1. That the Arabs acknowledge Israel as The Jewish State; 2. There will be absolutely, positively no "right of return" granted to the Palestinians.

And if you want a third point; there will be no return to the 1967 borders.

If Mitchell can figure a way around those issues, I would like to know how but even if he does possess those magical powers, we're back to Square Two; and that happens to be the terrorists who rule Gaza.

Oh, yeah, there's a Square Three, Hezbollah. Which is another way of saying those terrorists who, for all intents and purposes, dominate Lebanese and Gaza politics must also want peace with the Jews. But they do not.

There is simply no point in negotiating "peace" -- as if that feat were possible -- with Mahmoud Abbas & Company if such a pact does not include Hamas. And as we all know, Hamas is about as interested in normal relations with Israel as a crocodile is with bringing a frog home as a peaceful guest. Ditto for Hezbollah.

Guys. Lackey Mitchell. Secretary of Sloth -- alias Hilary Clinton -- you folks either don't get it or don't want to get it.

If there is to be "peace," it must include the good intentions of Hezbollah, Hamas and any of the other bloodthirsty outfits who are nothing more than the octopus Iran's tentacles attempting to strangle Israel.

Obama, Clinton and the other Washington bumbling braintrusters have been missing the diplomatic boat ever since the Republicans left office. (And make no mistake, George W. Bush's gal, Condi Rice, was no bargain for Israel either. John Bolton WAS.)

The only answer then as now is for America to -- hopefully with a few allies -- militarily wipe out the Iranian atomic facilities. But badly-gone-soft Uncle Sam has no stomach for that.

Obama continually offers carrots with no sticks and that just inspires the Muslims to more and more aggression.

As for Mitchell, he will be welcomed in Jerusalem as always.

Bibi will move right to the core issues and maybe -- more likely not -- Abbas will come to the table once and for all.

Mahmoud The Not Magnificent will resume his demand for a settlement-building freeze and Bibi, rightfully, will say no.

Abbas will walk away and Mitchell will return to Washington. Obama will then find a way -- he always does -- to rip Israel and we'll be back to Square One once more.

That, my good friends, is reality.

If Mitchell hasn't figured that out now, he never will.

Ariel Sharon could have told him that a long time ago.

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