Wednesday, June 29, 2011


By Simon Fischler

When I was a child the television show I loved to watch most was the MUPPET SHOW.

Created by Jim Henson this show was truly intelligent, funny and just plain silly.

One of the best skits on the MUPPET SHOW was a take off of Star Trek and old fifties B space movies called PIGS IN SPACE.

Today we have new MUPPETS but sadly it is just not the same.

They are not the sweet, intelligent Muppets of old. The intelligent, witty and silly characters of Kermit the Frog, Fozzie the Bear and Ms. Piggy will not be found in these new Muppets.

No, todays Muppets are led by Alice Walker and instead of PIGS IN SPACE we have JACKASSES AT SEA. There is nothing intelligent about them, plain and simply they are just SILLY.

It is truly amazing that while Syrian Tyrant Bashar al-Assad is showing the world that monsters truly do exist someone like Alice Walker can still find time to condemn Israel, the only democracy in the Middle-East.

Wait, why is Alice Walker condemning Israel again? FOR PROTECTING HER CITIZENS.

Apparently captain Alice does not feel that Israelis and there children (many of Ethiopian decent) deserve freedom. She couldn't care less that Israelis are forced to live with rockets raining down on their towns and cities.

Maybe Alice Walker also missed the new U.N. memo.

The government of Turkey is now doing everything it can to persuade Israel to drop the results of the U.N. investigation that TURKEY demanded the U.N. conduct into Israel’s actions against last years Arab Imperial Armada.

Why? Because the U.N. (the same U.N. that just loves to condemn Israel) has decided that Israel’s blockade of the Gaza strip is legal and that her actions were correct, even if the U.N. says Israel used disproportionate force.

Apparently the U.N. feels it is disproportionate for a soldier to prevent his fellow comrades from being beaten to death, stabbed to death, shot to death or kidnapped.

Mind you this is also the same Turkish government that has been in a political stalemate with once ally Israel.

Yes, that is right the JACKASSES AT SEA, lead by captain Alice Walker will be sailing right past Turkey, the same Muslim Nation State that is occupying Northern Cyprus and Kurdistan.

They will then continue past Syria, where the mad man Bashar is barbecuing his own people.

Past Lebanon, where Hezbollah an Iranian proxy is oppressing its own people while assisting Mr. Assad in murdering Syrian Citizens seeking freedom from an oppressive dictator.

Right into Gaza harbor to save not the people of Gaza but Hamas the same terrorist organization that is backed by the Butcher of Syria and the Mullahs of Iran.

Captain Alice and her band of audacious Jackasses seem to also think that international law is for the birds. They are not demanding that Hamas release Gilad Shalit, nor are they pushing Hamas to do exactly what the International Red Cross has demanded of Hamas and prove that Shalit is still alive.

I guess for Alice Walker the only Jews she likes are the ones who are subservient.

It is no wonder that she has become estranged from her daughter Rebecca. Rebecca Walker says her own mother sees her more as I quote "a political symbol...than a cherished daughter".

That really is true audacity, but not of hope, but of hypocrisy and self-righteousness.

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