Sunday, October 28, 2012


By Simon Fischler 

I would like to congratulate “The Elders,” a group of former world politicians, on the great accomplishments they have achieved in correcting the problems our world faces! 

If I were actually going to be giving out medals it would be hard to choose which of The Elders would get gold!

Should former United Nations Secretary General Kofi Annan claim gold? 

After all it was through Annan that the United Nations failed to act forcefully and instead pandered to the ruthless, dictatorial Assad regime, allowing the situation in Syria spiral into a civil war that has claimed far more than 30,000 people’s lives!   

Did Annan actually believe Bashar al-Assad would even contemplate his Six Point Peace Plan for Syria? Was it possible that Kofi Annan did not know that he was sitting down with a ruthless murderer? 

Or is it that Kofi has been dealing with these ruthless, dictatorial leaders for so long at the United Nations that he wouldn’t the honest truth or a straight dealer if he tripped over one?

What about former Algerian “Freedom Fighter” and U.N. big shot Lakhdar Brahimi?Following in the footsteps of Annan, Brahimi succeeded in buying the Assad regime more time, effectively breathing further life into its mortally threatened body. 

He did this with shuttle diplomacy paid for by the American tax payer and finally with a ceasefire for the Eid holiday. The first two days of this imaginary ceasefire saw 300 people killed, mostly civilians by Assad regime forces! 

Do not forget about failed former American President Jimmy Carter! Maybe it is he more  than any  other of  “The Elders” that truly deserves gold!  Almost all of Jimmy Carter’s time these days is spent ranting against Israel, blaming the Jewish Nation for all the self-inflicted problems of the Arab world. 

Somehow Carter can over look the peace proposals, granting full Palestinian Statehood, that were given to the Palestinians by former Israeli Prime Ministers Ehud Barak and Ehud Olmert. 

The “One Term” former President forgets that it was the Palestinians that rejected both offerings and with them statehood and peace! None of the facts appear to matter to Carter; only blaming Israel for the Arab rejection of peace is important to him. 

You see if Carter actually cared about Peace he would demand that Mahmoud Abbas and cronies in the Palestinian Authority stop stalling and return to the peace negotiations with NO, I repeat, NO preconditions!  

Continuing with this irrational behavior Carter states that the only way the Palestinians will be ready to negotiate is through Unity, i.e. Fatah and Hamas reconciling! But how is it that Carter can see a unified Palestinian Authority negotiating with Israel when Hamas refuses to recognize Israel and calls for its destruction on a continuing basis?

Ah, but perhaps the greatest damage Carter has done to the possibility of peace between the Palestinians and Israel is his fervent espousal of the catch phrase, “Israel is an apartheid state.” 

Carter’s tainting of the Jewish Nation with this outrageous, slanderous and utterly false interpretation of Israel’s relationship with her Israeli Arab citizens, let alone her dealings with the West Bank and Gaza, is both anti-semitic and criminal.

Several of Carter’s Elder buddies could have publicly set the record straight about Israel and apartheid: Founder Nelson Mandela and current Chair Desmond Tutu. The fact that they have said nothing makes it clear they, too, are tarred with the insidious brush of anti-semitism. 

And speaking of the great Desmond Tutu, is it he who deserves the gold medal? While Tutu has solid anti-semitic/anti-Israel, Arabist credentials, he lacks the failed peace accords and ceasefires that other Elders can claim. 

Thus it is “The Elders” as a whole who deserve gold! 

Performing like a horrific, sideshow, joke of a Marvel superhero team, this group of failed leaders, supposed freedom fighters and politicians of peace are the face of the Arab/Muslim hopes of global domination.

Just look at their composition: not a Jew among them, nor an Asian (Ela Bhatt, from India -- a part of Asia -- is indo-European), and all of the Europeans are Caucasians from northern countries which have a solid history of anti-semitism (Ireland, Norway, Finland). 

Lastly, with the exception of Lakhdar Brahimi (Algerian, Sunni Muslim), all of the Elders from Africa are from sub-Saharan countries which have smaller Muslim populations and few confrontational situations between Muslim and “infidel” (remember, that’s what we are all, if we’re not Muslim).

And yet, one of the Elders’ most fervently avowed missions is supposedly to “bring peace” to Israel. That appears to be working about as well as the “cease-fires” they’ve brokered!


  1. > demand that Mahmoud Abbas and cronies in the Palestinian Authority stop stalling and return to the peace negotiations with NO, I repeat, NO preconditions!

    it is crazy - I can't think of any reason why Hamas isn't prepared to talk to the Palestinian Jews now they've dropped their a priori claim to statehood and their demand that Hamas renounce violence

  2. Wow. Powerful--and, of course, true.