Wednesday, October 31, 2012


By Simon Fischler 

Here is a photograph -- try to picture it -- on the website of The Elders. We see Jimmy Carter walking in East JERUSALEM (not East Al Qud, remember Jerusalem is a HEBREW name). Behind him is a person holding up a sign that states, “Stop Settlement in East Jerusalem!” 

What does that sign mean?

It means stop Jews from buying, building on or owning land in East Jerusalem! 

Could you imagine white Americans holding up signs outside a Co-op in New York City demanding that no Latinos or African Americans be able to buy or settle in the building? 

For that matter, could you imagine the outcry if Israeli Jews held up signs in Tel Aviv, Haifa or Jerusalem demanding that Arabs not be able to buy or live in a community, neighborhood or building? 

Former President Jimmy Carter says he is fighting for peace; yet he is fighting for the worst kind of racial discrimination! 

Carter, the Elders and their supporters’ actions are so blatantly anti-Israel that they are a perfect manifestation of what renowned French philosopher Bernard-Henri Levy calls "the latest disguise for rampant anti-semitism."

To say it is only OK for Arabs to be able to live on and buy land in the eastern part of a united Jerusalem is nothing but discriminatory anti-Semitism, and these charlatans need to be called on their actions. 

As I have written on numerous occasions it is not Israel and Israeli Jews who are the racists or promoting discriminatory,  allegedly apartheid laws. 

It is and has always been the Arabs who promote, glorify and aspire to enact racist, discriminatory, anti-Semitic apartheid laws. 

After all Arab Nationalism was born from Nazism under Jerusalem Mufti Haj Amin al-Husseini! 

It is legal for Arabs to buy and own land where ever they want in Israel. It is illegal and punishable by death under Palestinian Authority law for an Arab to sell land to a Jew. 

It is Saeb Erekat and Mahmoud Abbas who on numerous occasions have said there will be no Jews living in a Palestinian State! Remind you of something? Like pushing all the Jews into the Sea!

A prominent part of the American Christian community has written a letter suggesting that US aid to Israel be contingent upon Israel's adherence "to US laws and  policy," specifically calling for an investigation into possible Israeli violations of international human rights laws. Carter and his organisation (The Carter Center) has just come out in support of that letter. 

Egypt receives over $3 billion in US military aid, but no Christian group has called for an investigation into possible Egyptian violations of US laws and policies. Nor do they question the US' relationship with a regime such as Saudi Arabia, or the monies given to Palestinians that disappeared into corrupt pockets and biased, hateful schoolbooks for Palestinian kids. 

Why do you suppose that is? 

What is it about the Christians and the rest of the world that it's ok to judge Israel and the Jews by one standard, but not even to judge the Arabs/Muslims by any code at all? Are they simply cowards and bullies, as well as anti-semites?

And why is Good Ole Jimmy Crack Corn Carter so OK with the historically, blatant anti-Semitic attitude of the Arabs? Could it be ‘cause the po’ Georgia boy feels similar hatred towards Jews and their Nation State? 


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