Friday, March 15, 2013


By Simon Fischler

Let’s be honest, what is happening to Israel and Israelis today has nothing to do with freedom, justice or even self-determination for the Palestinians!

Today, people downright hate my country and my people, and as I see it, they hate us for no real reason whatsoever.

Today those who stand against Israel are not asking it to make peace, they are asking an 80% majority population to commit National Suicide.

Why do these people feel it is right to take a majority Jewish country and turn it into another minority ruled Arab country?

Only because of a deep rooted hatred towards this Jewish nation. 

Those who hate Israel and stand against the Jewish Nation never take the time to ask themselves why they want, or feel it is right to deny the Israeli people, who have fought so hard to protect their homes, families and lives, their right to emancipation! 

Why? Cause those who wish to deny Israel its right to exist do so based on the same principles and arguments the Klu Klux Klan used to deny African American their rights in the South of the United States and the Nazi’s used to over power all of Europe and KILL six million Jews. 

Israel our nation we built it from nothing, and why are we any less right in wanting to maintain our own self-determination?

My fellow citizens have worked so hard to build a flourishing democracy (a democracy so strong an Arab member of the Knesset can actually attend Israel Apartheid Week) that looks after ALL of its citizens. 

We are not the ones who are wrong!

Some of the most vociferous of my country’s haters are the people of Europe. 

The people calling my country an Apartheid State are descendants of those who carried out some of the worst atrocities our world has seen.  From the Spanish Inquisition, to the rape and pillage of North America, Africa and vast areas of the Pacific, as well as the Holocaust.

How do these people who bear the heritage of so much cruelty in history, and are still occupying territories in the Falklands, Guadeloupe and etc.,  think they have the right to condemn my country for defending itself?

For that matter, since when has it become wrong for a nation to defend its civilians? 
Israel and Israelis have always wanted peace. We have demonstrated that on numerous occasions. 

Why must we go beyond what all other nations would offer for peace? Why must we get less in return for the land we give up than America got from Japan?

What will the world say when the Palestinians attack Israel after it has returned what is rightfully Israel’s thanks to the Balfour Declaration and international law?

Israelis love their country; they celebrate it all the time and no one has the right to tell them they are wrong for loving their freedom, loving their nation, loving what they have built through the most difficult conditions!

So if Anti-Semitism is the true root cause of all this Israel bashing, hating and delegitimizing, what can we as Israelis do?

We can only do what we have always done, from the oppression of slavery in Egypt, to the Babylonian captivity and the Persian, Greek, Roman, Arab, Ottoman and European occupations of our land. 

We must fight the just battle and show the world that we, the Jews and the Israeli nation, will not lie down and sacrifice ourselves for their ingrained anti-Semitism. 


Cause this fight is about the freedom and safety for the future generations of the Jewish Nation! 

We must fight back, protect what we have built and never give up our just right to maintain our own self-determination and freedom.

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  1. Am Y'Israel Chai! And we will not go quietly into that 'good' night. FIGHT BACK, Jews! FIGHT