Friday, July 19, 2013


By Sig Demling

Obama's peace deputy John Kerry agreed that talks between the Arabs and Israel should begin with no preconditions. 

It was as plain and forthright an assertion as could be made in English, Hebrew and Arabic.

Mahmoud Abbas and Benjamin Netanyahu would sit down, exchange ideas until a peace pact could be hammered out.

Bibi agreed. Mahmoud made demands., 

Not a peep was heard from the American president. 

The Chief Executive knew -- based on history -- that the Arabs have balked at making peace with Israel over and over and over again ever since they tried to exterminate the Jewish State at birth.

As dumb as he may be, Obama pushed his stooge, Kerry, to the Middle East determined to achieve what Abbas & Co. want no part of -- peace with Israel.

The Jewish Prime Minister has welcomed Kerry on each of his six visits while in Ramallah, Abbas balks and balks and balks.

Now, on this latest Kerry exercise in futility, Netanyahu repeated his mantra; let's talk. And what does he get in return from the Arab side?

More pre-conditions.

Abbas wants Arab criminals with blood on their hands released from Israeli prisons. 

Abbas wants a return to the indefensible 1967 lines. 

Abbas wants not to recognize Israel as the Jewish State that it is.

So, on the one hand you have the Jewish leader ready, willing and able to talk and on the other hand, there remains the endlessly balking Arab.

Logic tells you that if anyone should be prodded to resume talks it is Abbas.

You would think.

But not by the Israel-hating White House.

Instead of labeling Abbas with the phony label he deserves, Obama phones Netanyahu and urges the PM to get back to the peace table. That's a re-defining of chutzpuh if ever there was one.

Any one who has followed this column should not be surprised. We've said it five, four, three, two and a year ago that the president does not like Israel and will do anything in his power to torpedo it on the world stage.

Obama does nothing about the Syrian slaughter. He does nothing about the Egyptian civil war. He looks the other way while Hezbollah stocks up on missiles and he pretends that Iran is, well, just so sweet it should not even be confronted.

Forgive the bromide but with friends like Obama, who needs enemies?

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