Friday, July 19, 2013


By Sig Demling

As a nation, Iran is very good at doing a few things: 

1. Making a lot of bucks out of its oil reserves.

2. Threatening Israel with extinction once it develops a nuclear bomb.

3. Pretending that it is in the business of developing peaceful atomic energy.

You'd be surprised how many allies have helped Iran further its destruction aims. They include:

A. Uncle Sam's vacillating president.

B. The European Union's leaders who forgot all about World War II and the Holocaust and dreamily believe that the mullahs will make nice.

C. The United Nations, which could not be more prejudiced against Israel had Lebanon's Nasrallah was calling the shots. 

I'm one who firmly believes the Jerusalem Post's sage columnist Caroline Glick who has often underlined a key point; and that is when the chips are down Obama will stab Israel in its back rather than protect the Middle East's only legitimate democracy. 

Now that Iran has a new leader who appears to be slightly less of a nut case than the previous madman, the Western leaders have been doing handstands of joy believing that the Iranians have come to their peaceful senses and all will be wonderful under the latest leadership.

That, of course, is -- pick your choice of description:

I. Hokum bunkum.

II. An Alice In Wonderland illusion.

III. Neville Chamberlain-type thinking.

Or, as my father would say in his cryptic moments, "You can't shoe (or shoo) a horsefly.

In this case, the horseflies are that collection of warlike Iranian mullahs who call the shots behind any elected leader in Tehran and, make no mistake, madness is the mullahs' middle name.

One thing you can say about the Iranians is that they make no mistake about their determination to eradicate Israel. The Palestinians do it another way. 

The path taken by Mahmoud Abbas is just to the left of warlike. What the PA has in mind is to sucker Israel into peace talks with Arab pre-conditions firmly in place. 

At last look Abbas & Co. asserted that it wants a host of blood-on-their-hands prisoners released by Israel and all Samaria and Judea construction halted. Hopefully, when Secretary of State John Kerry arrives in Israel for his latest round of talks, he supports Israel's no-pre-conditions stance.

Furthermore, it's imperative that Benjamin Netanyahu point out to Obama's stooge that engaging in any kind of peace deliberations is futile because the boys and girls of Ramallah -- like their parents -- practice Jew-hating as easily as they exhale. 

What better proof than the verbal bile emanating from Abbas' official television station ahead of the recent Ramadan holiday.  In one segment of its program two Palestinian girls deliver a venomous poem ridiculing Israeli Jews. 

One line from the poem goes as follows:

"Oh Sons of Zion, oh most evil among creations, Oh barbaric monkeys, wretched pigs."

While the little ladies are reciting their poem the Abbas' doting tv host looks on in admiration.  And that's not all. The girls continue as follows:

  "Jerusalem vomits from within it your impurity because Jerusalem, you impure ones, is pious, immaculate and Jerusalem, you who are filth, is clean and pure."

Since Abbas not only condones but encourages such vicious anti-Israeli sentiments on his tv station one has to wonder why Kerry is coming here to induce talks between Bibi and the hate-monger.

The Israeli public is wise to this. As columnist Ruthie Blum explains in Israel Hayom, such sanctioned anti-Israel perorations makes it almost futile to have talks with the Arabs because Abbas messengers continue to spout vile thoughts about Jews.

"As long as Washington is in denial about this reality," writes Blum, "Kerry might as well stay home."

He won't because somehow Obama's messenger believes that Israel can be forced to capitulate. 

The Prime Minister won't because he knows that if he does, Bibi can kiss his country good-bye.

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