Sunday, September 15, 2013


By Sig Demling

In the wake of his humiliating capitulation to Comrade Putin over the Syrian debacle,  John Kerry continues operating in a world somewhere between Oz and Alice's Wonderland. 

He returns to Israel indicating that "progress" is being made on the road to Israeli-Arab peace.

To put it in the plainest possible street English, the Secretary of State is bullshitting.

As always, he lies to the Israelis while cajoling the Arabs. 

Kerry should know by now that the Palestinians will make peace if a final pact provides them with enough territory to eventually launch an invasion against what will be left of a Jewish State.

And speaking of the Jewish State, why should Benjamin Netanyahu or any of his deputies even consider talking "peace" with the Arabs if neither Mahmoud Abbas nor any of his con artists have even acknowledged the Middle East's only democracy as what it has been since its inception the Jewish state.

This is not a negotiable item it is a fact and has been a fact ever since the United Nations declared it so.

Frankly, if I was Bibi and Kerry came a knocking, I would make an instant demand: If you want Israel to keeping talking to the PLO group, get them to acknowledge Israel as the Jewish State or let's forget about the talks.

Kerry won't do that because, among other things, he's essentially a puppet being deftly manipulated by Abbas, not unlike the manner in each previous American "peacemakers" were juggled by Yassir Arafat.

In fact Arafat made a career out of duping such seemingly wise Israeli leaders as Shimon Peres who still is falling for the malarkey dispensed by the Ramallah propagandists. 

Every so often I actually wonder whether Bibi is so stupid not to see through the Palestinian smokescreen. 

Surely he's aware of the post-Oslo fiasco perpetrated by Abbas' mentor, Arafat. At least some insightful political analysts -- The Jerusalem Post's Caroline Glick being among those precious few -- understand that what was then, post-Oslo, is repeating itself.

"Renowned intellectuals and decorated military leaders warned that the PLO was a terrorist organization that had no intention of making peace with Israel," writes Glick. "They warned that Arafat was not in the least interested in establishing a Palestinian state. Rather he wanted only to see the dismemberment and destruction of our state, the Jewish state."

The proof is in the history. No matter what Israel offers -- for a flimsy piece of paper that says peace -- it never is enough to satisfy the Arabs. Offer them 90 percent of the West Bank and you get face-slapped in return.

Give them the Gaza Strip -- for nothing; mind you -- and the thank-you comes by way of thousands of rockets. 

Does the mindless Kerry not realize that in the two decades since Oslo more than 1,500 Israelis have been slaughtered by the Arafat-Abbas Arabs?

Nor has the Arab mindset changed in those 20 years; not one iota.

When it comes to Kerry, I don't use the term bullshitter lightly because his every statement is so fatuous one can only wonder how he keeps his ghostwriters employed.

For example, after a recent meeting with Abbas and Arab League officials, the Secretary of State had the gall to repeat his jaded mantra, "That a final status agreement is important in enhancing regional security and stability throughout the Middle East." (How Bibi failed to puke after reading that one baffles me.)

Clear-thinkers such as columnist Barry Rubin not only see through the propaganda, they rip it to shreds.

Rubin: "The notion that an Israeli-Palestinian peace deal is key to a stable Middle East is one of those moldy myths that never seem to lose their popularity. Yet which conflicts now roiling the region would come to an end if Israel and the Palestinians were at peace? Syria's civil war? The bloody struggle in Egypt? The resurgence of Al Qaeda?"

Answer: None of the above.

The truth of the matter is that Abbas is Arafat in a Brooks Brothers suit. Otherwise the thinking remains the same as it was when Yassir was brandishing his gun.

"The goal of our struggle is the end of Israel," Arafat declared. "Peace for us means Israel's destruction and nothing else."

And if you want to know the difference between Arafat and Kerry, it's simply this: Arafat wasn't bullshitting. 

As Arafat's protege, Abbas believes in precisely the same thing; the destruction of Israel. 

Right now, he's succeeding -- thanks to John Kerry, adroitly manipulated by Barack Obama!

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