Thursday, September 12, 2013


By Simon Fischler 

The world must be coming to an end! It is the only explanation for the behavior of the supposed Liberals and Conservatives in American politics. 

Are the Libtards conservatives or are the Conservatards Liberals? 

I just do not know anymore! 

Bungling American President Barack Obama was stupid enough to issue a Redline to Syrian Warlord (he is no longer the legitimate or sovereign leader of Syria) Bashar Assad. It went like this, if the Syrian Regime uses chemical weapons on its citizens then America will respond with force. 

Here is the problem with that threat, Assad was willing and bold enough to gas his own people and Obama never had the wherewithal to live up to the threat he gave, especially without the rallying of pseudo-conservative Republicans in Congress. 

So now many moderate Democrats are itching to hit at Syria and all the Israeli-friendly conservative Republicans who promised Israel a K.O. to Iran’s nuclear weapons program do not have the stomach to face down a megalomaniac who has the blood of over 100,000 Syrians on his hands! 

A word to Mitt Romney and Rick Santorum: if both of you are afraid of getting involved in Syria, then there is no chance you would have been ready to battle Iran, as both of you indicated in campaign promises! 

A question to my American friends: when did Liberty, Democracy and the freedoms that you hold so dear become free? When has there ever been a time when you did not have to pay a price to maintain these freedoms?

Do you not remember that you must fight for these rights and that yes, America must at times be the top cop of the world; otherwise that right will pass to China or Russia, god forbid!

The world is no different from a school playground and in this playground there are some really mean bullies. Putin, Iran and Assad are those bullies from childhoods past who wanted to take everything from you for themselves. The difference here is these bullies have guns, tanks, fighter jets, submarines, chemical and/or nuclear weapons. 

Even worse, these bullies perceive the West -- the same allied front that defeated Nazism, Fascism and Communism -- as weak! This is the perfect formula for starting world wars! 

If the French and the British had stopped Hitler early on, before the Munich Agreement, there would be six million more Jews in the world today (c’mon, stop: I can hear you anti-Semites groaning in horror), not to mention millions of non-Jews. It took far too much, such as Pearl Harbor, to goad America into finally joining the global conflict.

Now America’s tendency toward isolationism has re-flowered in the aftermath of Iraq and Afghanistan. They’re tired and scared from losing their sons in conflicts thousands of miles away for reasons they never understood in the first place. It’s back to burying heads in the sand.  

Here in Israel we have no choice: we cannot afford to be isolationists. We’re not dealing with potential destruction from an enemy thousands of miles away: we’re dealing with several potential enemies who are only kilometers away.

The truth is neither can Americans go back to isolationism -- World War I and World War II proved that. For some reason Americans both conservative and liberal seem incapable of understanding this, along with their European pseudo-allies, Britain and France.

If America and the West fail to stand up to Assad and send a message to both Iran and Putin that the use of chemical or nuclear is totally unacceptable, then it will again fall on the shoulders of Israel to handle the world’s dirty work! 

Will Israel get a gold star for her actions. Never.

Remember the only reason why the West can even consider attacking Syria is thanks to the Israeli destruction of the Al-Kibar nuclear site.

And believe you me, Israel will attack! We already have! 

America, England and most of Western Europe are quaking in their boots when it comes to tackling the vicious Assad. Meanwhile my little country Israel that shares a border with Syria and the fascist terrorist regime of Hezbollah, has struck deep within Syrian territory to prevent the transfer of long range missiles and chemical weapons from the Assad regime to Hezbollah! 

It takes knowing history to know why Israel will attack again in Syria and eventually Iran. Which of course could create a war of immeasurable size. 

In 1956, Egypt then lead by Super Nationalist Gamal abdel-Nassar (who promised to right the wrong of Israel) was supplied with a plethora of highly advanced, new, Soviet weapons and for the first time promised to close the Straits of Tiran to Israeli shipping (including Israeli imports of Iranian oil). 

Israel had one choice, attack before the Egyptians learned how to use the weapons. Israel did attack and handily defeated the Egyptian army and retook the occupied Sinai Peninsula. 

Eventually we left but only after American President Dwight D. Eisenhower promised Israel that America would never let Egypt close the Straits of Tiran again. SURE! This lesson is as important today to Israelis as it is to Americans. Eisenhower’s promise came with an America guarantee that an international flotilla would keep the straits open.

In 1967, Nasser kicked the United Nations out of the Sinai and closed the Straits of Tiran to Israeli shipping for a second time. Again cutting off all shipping to Eilat and Israel’s commerce with the East. When Israel came to American president Lyndon B. Johnson and asked for the Flotilla the answer was “You are alone”! Hence the Six Day War. The examples never end, the Iraqi and Syrian nuclear reactors, so on and so forth. 

By the way, do you really think Russia, the same country that is selling and building Iran’s nuclear arsenal, is going to dismantle the Syrian chemical weapons that Russia helped create? How stupid or naive have we become? 

Another thing can we please stop saying there is no military solution to Syria! It is pretty obvious that the Assad regime, the Iranians, Hezbollah and Russia believe there is a military solution. Not to mention it is asinine for the United Nations to even think it can say that an American strike against a Syrian warlord is illegal. 

I'll tell you what is illegal, the behavior of the United Nations. The fact that the organization thats sole purpose is protecting the citizens of the world has sat idly by as hundreds of thousands of Syrian human beings have murdered is criminal and illegal! 

Wake up people, if we do not face down these bullies we will be facing a much greater war in the future! 

P.S.- After reading an article tonight at 6:43pm, 12/9/2013 on CNN’s website titled “Putin to America: You’re not special” I am just flabbergasted by the American response. 

Why are Americans so surprised that Russian President Vladimir Putin had the Hutzpah to write such an appallingly arrogant dictate to the citizens of the United States of America? 

Why are Americans surprised that Putinstan feels he can dictate what is right for Americas national interest? When you are afraid to fight for what is yours or the ideals you stand for bullies will treat you like a joke! 

The fact that the American President is receiving orders from the same Russian dictator who invaded, slaughtered and occupied the sovereign nation of Georgia is beyond reason. 

The fact that America is even entertaining a plan to control Syria’s weapons of mass destruction by the man who leveled and liquidated Chechnya is beyond foolish! 

Once again, WAKE UP! 

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