Thursday, June 19, 2014


By Simon Fischler 

Knesset Member Hanin Zoabi has not only taken advantage of the abilities of the freedom of speech granted under the laws of the democratic state of Israel. Yesterday, she committed treason.
When she praised terrorists who kidnapped three Israeli teenagers she forfeited every right granted to a person in a liberal, democratic society, whether it be Israel or the United States of America.
Zoabi, an Israeli-Arab, proudly stated that the kidnappers were indeed not terrorists, which prompted the Knesset to protect her with a bodyguard because of threats to her life.
Zoabi should instead be arrested and tried for treason. 
I cannot fathom why Israeli tax payers should shoulder the bill to protect a person who has continuously called for the destruction of the state, and who has now attempted to justify the continued abduction of Israeli youth.
"It is strange," she said, "that people who are under the Occupation and living the high life ignore the reality that Israel kidnaps Palestinian Arabs and jails them every day. [The Palestinians are] people who don't see any way to change their reality and they are forced to use these means until Israel will wake up a little, until Israeli citizens and society will wake up and feel the suffering of the other."
Zoabi and her henchmen are committing another crime against the state and the Arab citizens of Israel. She runs an intimidation racket against Israeli Arab citizens who are proud supporters of their country.
Her last victim was her relative Mohammad Zoabi. This 17-year-old Israeli citizen had the bravery to stand up to his aunt and the rest of the Arab world as he called for the release of his three fellow co-patriots in a powerful Youtube video. Hanin Zoabi's actions are criminal, and it is high time the state does something about it. 
Zoabi and her mafia friends are doing this in the vain attempt to stop the rising solidarity, pride and even patriotism inside of the Israeli Arab community for their country. More and more Israeli Arab youth are joining the ranks of the IDF. This, in fact, is happening in both the Christian and Muslim communities. 
It is happening because the State of Israel is doing more for its Arabs citizens than ANY Arab country in the world. It is also happening thanks to Bashar al-Assad. His example of what happens in an Arab country if the citizens dare to ask for freedom was enough to push many in favor of Israel’s liberal democracy, even if it happens to be a Jewish one.
For someone like Hanin Zoabi (who was trashed when she ran for Mayor of Nazareth), this fact is both scary and dangerous. Scary because her brand of colonialist Arabism has once again failed. Dangerous because she knows she will eventually be replaced by an Israeli Arab politician who actually does something to help the Arab community integrate into Israeli society. 
If Hanin Zoabi thinks that being a Knesset Member grants her the right to incite violence, kidnappings and terrorism, then she is DEAD wrong and there should be no reason for her to get away with treason.
She belongs behind bars, not behind a bodyguard. 
So, I call on the bodyguard asked to protect this vile, terrorist, leave your post and let Zoabi face the citizens of Israel, the same people she seeks to murder with her terrorist propaganda on her own. What happens to her in the end was brought on by her own actions!  

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  1. As recently stated in the Jerusalem Post's Editorial section, Clause 99 (Aiding the Enemy) of the Israeli Penal Code dealing with “State Security, Foreign Relations and Official Secrets: Treason” states: A person who, with the intent of aiding the enemy in its war against Israel, commits any act to so assist it in this objective – is liable to the death penalty or life imprisonment.
    It goes on to clarify that a technical state of war is not required and what an "enemy" is: Enemy – Anyone who is at war with, or maintains a state of war against Israel; or who declares themselves to be one of these, whether or not war has actually been declared, whether or not there are ongoing military actions; and a terrorist organization.
    Apply the law and be done with this traitorous female canine!