Monday, June 30, 2014


Three Israeli boys wont be coming home tonight to their parents. In fact they will never come home to their mothers and fathers again. 

I have no concept of the pain the mothers and fathers of these three boys are feeling at this moment. All I can say is that my heart and love goes out to them. 

Eyal Yifrach, Gilad Shaar and Naftali Fraenkel were killed for being Jews, just as Jews were killed during the Holocaust and have been killed throughout history. 

Those who killed these boys are no different from the Nazis of the third reich! Today we say never again and never again because we have Israel and the IDF to protect us. Well I want to see this point proven! 

The government of Israel and it's Justice system needs to start by removing Hanin Zoabi from the Knesset, she has BLOOD on her hands. She needs to be arrested and tried for treason, incitement and aiding the murder of these three Israeli teenagers. She represents a community in Israel, she is an example to them and the second she condoned the kidnapping of these boys she signed her death certificate. The penalty she should pay is death. Her case should be used as example to those inside of Israel who think they can defecate on the democracy, freedom and the self determination of the state and the Jewish people. 

Israel and it's citizens must be ready to weather a storm for these three boys, they were murdered in cold blood because they were Israelis. For Eyal, Gilad and Naftali, for the South, for Sederot and for all Israeli citizens each and every member of the Hamas leadership must be targeted for assassination. 

As for the families of the kidnappers, who relished in the heinous work of their children, they should have their houses destroyed. When this job is done it should be done with them inside of their homes so their community will understand that death awaits you if you seek to take Jewish blood. 

The blood of Eyal, Gilad and Naftali is also on the hands of the EU and it's ambassador to Israel. By constantly ignoring Arab incitement, while constantly railing at Jews daring to build homes in their ancestral home they have condoned this murder. The EU is PAYING for Arab text books that condone the killing of Jews and call for the destruction of Israel. This atrocious behavior by the European Union has also condoned this grizzly murder. 

The people who committed this vile murder are not freedom fighters, their cause is the same cause as the Nazis. They are monsters that were bread from a society that condones the vilest forms of chauvinism, racism, colonialism and anti-Semitism. The hate that is inside of this society was bred not from Jews building houses in the land of Isreal but by an Arab/ Islamic yearn for dominating all ethnic groups outside of theirs. They are a cancer of the worst kind, they are the sickest of murderers and the quicker the IDF extinguishes their lives the better. 

The blood of these three boys also sits on the hands of Omar Barghoutti, Roger Waters, Alice Walker, Gideon Levy, Angela Davis, The Presbyterian Church and every other anti-Semite that is dehumanizing Israel and it's citizens. While I wish they would pay the same price that Hamas will hopefully pay I know it will not happen by means of the IDF. Maybe it is time for Jews around the world to take up arms to defend the citizens of the country that is always defending them! 

Lastly, to defy this inhuman act and those who wish to extinguish the eternal flame that is Israel and the Jewish people, I ask the Jews living outside of Israel to make Aliyah, come to your home, show the world that these three boys did not die in vain. 

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