Saturday, July 5, 2014


By Simon Fischler

Last week the families of Gilad Shaar, Naftali Fraenkel and Eyal Iftach learned that their children had not just been kidnapped but had also been murdered in cold blood by ARABS. This loss was not just a loss for the families of the murdered but also for all of Israel's Jewish majority population.

Did the Jewish majority riot? Did they call for the destruction of the Arabs living amongst them or next to them? The answer to both is a resounding NO.

Even worse for Israel's Jews and the families of Gilad, Eyal and Naftali was the revolting pleasure exhibited by the Arab population of Israel for this disgusting murder of three teenage co-citizens.

Now an Arab youth was murdered in Jerusalem. Like animals, both Palestinians and Israeli Arabs have rioted across Jerusalem and towns inside of Israel.

I expect such behavior from the Palestinians, but how dare Israel Arabs behave in such a bestial way?

The disdain for the feelings of families of a trio of Jews murdered by Arabs of Israel was inhuman: and that’s an understatement.  No solidarity came from the Israeli Arab community when three of their co-patriots were murdered in cold blood? Not a word of condolence. Nothing. 

 Instead these unpatriotic Israeli citizens chose to riot and ran sack their own towns when a Palestinian was found dead.

What’s more there has not yet been a definitive, final account as to why this child was killed. The Abu Kahder family has dealt with violence before from their Arab brethren thanks to family feuds. 

There is every likelihood that this child was murdered because of inter-Arab violence and not because of vengeance for the murders of THREE Jewish teenagers.

What has been proven is simply and appallingly this: The loyalty to the state of Israel by the majority of its Arab citizens is virtually non-existent.

 The Arabs of Israel are no different today than they were when they rioted in 1929 and murdered 133 Jews. 
The Arabs are no different today then they were when them they spit on international law. Their mentality is still the same as it was when the Arabs rejected two states for two people and attempted to commit genocide against the Jews of Israel. 

All present signs suggest that Inside of almost every Israeli Arab there is sympathy for the Jew-hating philosophy of Hitler supporter Haj Amin Al-Husseini just waiting to awaken.  The latest Arab riots are proof positive of that!

 The only difference today is we, the Jews, are controlling our country and not the despicable, colonial, British (Europeans) who let the Arabs murder us in cold blood.

Israeli Arabs who riot against their country are not worthy of Israeli citizenship and — if they don’t act like proper citizens — it is time to write them right out of our country.

It is time for pragmatic Israeli leadership. It is time for Israel to finalize its borders, with or without the agreement of the colonialist, Judenrein, apartheid regime of Mahmmoud Abbas who would forbid all Jews from living in a Palestinian state.

If Israel’s Arabs do not wish to abide by the law, then Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu must take action. It is time to consider a situation whereby Israel would completely part with the Arab populations of Judea and Samaria.

Bibi should seriously promote a plan whereby Israel unitarily moves the borders west of all Arab towns in the triangle. He might then revoke the citizenship of all Arabs living in these areas and leave them to be Palestinians in a Palestinian state.

What ever parts of Israel that the government decides to retain as part of our sovereign nation will remain so whether the dissident the Arabs like it or not.

It is imperative that Israel also make it clear to all international organizations that their failure to uphold the laws they created have made this situation inevitable.

It is the United Nations which in 1948 created two states for two nations as part of  INTERNATIONAL LAW.

For decade after decade, the Jew-hating Arabs have rejected this LAW.

UN General Assembly resolution 181 clearly calls for the establishment of two states. It then clearly calls for one Jewish State and one Arab state. The Jews accepted this and the Arabs did not.  Under resolution 242 once again the UN emphasized two states for two peoples, one Jewish and one Arab.

The difference between the two is that UN resolution 242 is international law because it was passed by the United Nations Security Council. Inside of resolution 242 it was made clear by the UN that Israel would remain a Jewish state by a just resolution to refugees that is ACCEPTABLE to all . Meaning all refugees, both, Jewish and Arab. It also means that Arabs would not be allowed back into Israel.

When it comes to understanding these laws, the Arabs constantly develop their own form of political amnesia.

Therefore, shame on every Arab citizen who riots against his and her country. 

Shame on them because they have once again condoned the killing of Gilad, Naftali and Iftach.

I hope for the day when they will wake up to different borders.

I pray for the day when we rid ourselves of those Arabs who do not respect Israeli law and who mock the democratic nation that has given them a better life than any they could obtain elsewhere.

It is time that the government in Jerusalem consider how to solve a problem that is sucking the life out of our great nation.

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