Monday, July 14, 2014


By Simon Fischler 

Eddie Vedder are you for real? 

Vedder lead singer of Pearl Jam and occupier of Native American land in the United States of America, is the latest show business personality to publicly — and ignorantly — display his Jew-hating, Israel-bashing personality, following numbskull Roger Waters. 

Vedder’s tirade was inspired because Israel did what any self-respecting nation would do when under attack by terrorists. The Middle East’s only democracy has been relentlessly defending its citizens against, daily, unprovoked rocket blitz emanating from the Gaza Strip. 

Political ignoramus that he is, Vedder completely ignored several facts about this latest Hamas-Israeli War. 

1. The Arabs started it with the kidnapping and murder of four Jews; 2. Israel fought back by attacking Hamas in a restrained manner; 3. Vedder also mentioned something about stealing someones land. 

By that he overlooked the fact that Jews have as much right to live and build in Judea and Samaria as anyone else; Arabs included.

Clearly, this political neophyte knows conspicuously less about Middle-East history than he does about bullshit which he unremittingly spouts. 

Does anti-erudite Eddie know that Jews lived in Israel long before Mohammad drove out from the ARABIAN peninsula to invade and colonize the Levant. 

Here’s another tidbit from History 101 for Venomous Vedder. The word JEW itself comes from the name Judea, as in the Kingdom of Judea in the heart of Israel. 

Try as he might Uneasy Eddie cannot erase the historic fact that Jews were here long before Arabs, nor does it matter to him that this was our land long before the Arabs even knew where it was. 

Since his responses betray the fact that Vedder is an unmitigated anti-Semite it’s not surprising that he fails to acknowledge the rocket barrages that have been traumatizing Israeli citizens for years.

After all why should such a imbecile care about innocent Israeli civilians who daily endure indiscriminate, unprovoked rocket attacks. 

Let’s face it,  Vedder, and his buddy-terrorists within Hamas has a simple gripe with Israel and it’s all about jealousy. 

They can’t abide that we JEWS dare to live our lives in the state that we built with our own hands.

It endlessly bugs them that Israelis continue to fight off the constant Arab attempts to steal, destroy, rob, annihilate and colonize the State that was brought about by INTERNATIONAL LAW AND THE UNITED NATIONS! 

Does Vedder know or care that the Arabs in the Gaza Strip and the West Bank have continued to reject peace and have continued to call for the annihilation of the state of Israel.

Vedder supports Irrational people whose aim is to commit genocide against the Jewish people and their nation state. 

It is not even a question with which Vedder, Waters or for that matter John Kerry can argue against. Hamas, the organization that runs the Gaza strip and the organization that the American paid Palestinian Authority went into business with openly calls for the destruction of Israel. 

Sadly nothing has changed since the Holocaust. The fact that people like Waters and Vedder are allowed to peddle their hate filled rhetoric is grotesque. Even worse is the naive, fan base that idolizes and therefore believes every word that comes out of Vedder’s poisoned mouth.


  1. Fucked stupid blasphemous zionists... Vedder is antizionist, no antisemitic.

  2. Says Pedro Alberto, descendant of a colonialist, genocidal Spaniard. You know, the country with village named "Matajudíos," (Kill the Jews)?