Thursday, July 10, 2014


By Sig Demling

Wars aren't what they used to be and if you don't believe me, just ask Benjamin Netanyahu. What's right ain't right anymore.

And if you don't believe Bibi, check with the millions of Israelis whose daily lives have been threatened by massive, indiscriminate rocket fire emanating from the terrorists in Gaza.

In a rational world, where right and wrong are clearly recognisable, this would be a no-brainer. 

Hamas would be condemned for its actions and Uncle Sam would quickly halt payments supporting the ill-fated Hama-Palestinian Authority marriage.

But in this terribly topsy-turvy political sphere in which we live the killers -- as in Hamas -- become the victims while the vice is versa when it comes to Israel.

One does not need an electron microscope to detect heroes and villains in this latest war against the Middle East's only democracy. 

As always, the conflict began with sporadic rocket fire initiated from Gaza and aimed at innocent Israeli's in the South. Naturally, Israel's Prime Minister ordered a typically subdued Israeli counterattack. Hamas missiles would inspire return fire.

Assuming that it could kill Jews with impunity -- and without retribution -- Hamas then stepped up its rocket assaults; plus went one dreadful step further.

Hamas operatives kidnapped three innocent Israelis and then killed them on the spot although it took days and days before the bodies were found. At first, Mahmoud Abbas condemned the murders.

Alas, when his supporters forcefully pointed out that killing Jews is what the Arab mantra is all about, Abbas did a 180-degree turn, hurling his wrath at Israel.

Not surprisingly, response throughout the world -- and especially at the White House -- to the Israeli deaths was, at best, muted. It was as if massacring Israeli Jews was de rigueur and unworthy of fuss or hand-wringing.

But when a young Israeli Arab was killed in retribution, uh-oh. judging by outcries across the earth, one would have thought that Bibi had ordered an atomic bomb dropped on the innocent victim.

No question, killing the Arab lad was a heinous crime and Netanyahu said so as soon as he got the news. But, as the world sees it, the death of three Jews opps make that four now that we know that the young Jewish girl from Afula was killed by an Arab terrorist, couldn't come close to being equated with one Arab.  

Meanwhile, Hamas -- fast losing control of The Strip -- decided to pull out what it hoped would be its trump card; its deadliest rocket barrage ever hurled at Israel. 

As had long been feared, the terrorists have been importing, building and stockpiling a vast arsenal which has since been bombarding virtually every geographic segment of Israel, south of Haifa.

Hamas, the PA and its perfidious Abbas have acted as if there should not have been a cause-and-effect; that Netanyahu should have turned the other cheek.

Instead of blaming the bloody murderers in Gaza, Abbas screamed bloody murder and "Genocide" at Israel for the mere act of defending itself from a massive air blitz. And if the Palestinian's complaints haven't set new world records for hypocrisy, nothing ever will. 

Speaking of hypocrisy, Fatah, Abbas' peace loving group has also started to fire rockets from Gaza into Israel.

Then again, we've become used to the Arab lie and hypocrisy as have a precious few -- such as our Canadian friends -- in the civilised world. 

Unfortunately too few have taken the Canadian view and too many have betrayed the same attitude toward Jews as was evidenced in Europe preceding, during and after World War II. 

During the Nazi Era, the world looked on passively as six million Jews were slaughtered. 

Nowadays the endless rocket bombardment of Israel stirs minimal concern in the so-called civilised world.

But, Heaven forbid that Jews defend themselves.Then -- faster than you can say "Two-faced Obama" -- lies and hypocrisy become the two-front weapon wielded by the eternally anti-Semitic universe. 

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