Saturday, July 19, 2014


By Schmoel Yitzhak 

The war is on.

Make no mistake this is a real, no-kidding-around war with Israel's future at stake.

By and large the Arabs couldn't care less whether Hamas wins or loses. If the terrorists lose, the folks in Qatar, Algeria and other Arab countries with give a "Who cares?" yawn and go on hating Jews each in his own particular way.

And if Israel loses -- well -- perish the thought. 

The Middle East's only democracy cannot afford to lose and each and every one of you know why; Israel is the one and only Jewish nation. 

Furthermore, it has become the haven of French, Belgian, English and -- certainly now -- Turkish Jews who realize that they are systematically being run out of their respective countries by the anti-Semites running their respective shows.

But there's a hitch here; an annoying cyst on American diplomacy. Hamas appears to be Barack Obama's foremost ally in the Middle East. Just check the fact, man, just the facts. 

* FACT ONE, KIDNAPPING: From the moment three Israeli teenagers were kidnapped to their murder by Hamas, Obama nonchalantly treated the incidents as if they were mere muggings on Main Street, USA. The president acted as if he couldn't have cared less about the abominable slaughter of innocent Israelis.

* FACT TWO, REPRISAL: After an Israeli gang -- acting in what was a normal, emotional reprisal -- murdered an Arab, the White House instantly yelled and screamed bloody murder against Israel. Conveniently, Obama ignored the original trio of Hamas-inspired killings as if they had nothing to do with the Arab being taken out.

* FACT THREE, DISTORTED ARAB VALUES: The Arab mind believes that it can kill Jews with impunity. Therefore when three young Israelis are murdered, Hamas considers the slaughter an improvement in the Middle East environment. But dare the Israelis retaliate the Jews are the bad guys.

* FACT FOUR, SNEAK ATTACKS: As has been the case for months -- if not decades -- the Arab modus operandi -- has been killing Jews sneakily and from long-range. The gutless Hamas rocket strategy targeted Sederot and nearby Israeli outposts. This time around the Arabs have blitzed population centers such as Tel Aviv, Haifa and Jerusalem.

When Benjamin Netanyahu finally decided enough was enough and ordered a ground offensive in Gaza, guess what happened? 

Hamas' good friend on Pennsylvania Avenue swung into action, trying to put the handcuffs on Bibi and his strategy. For any other country -- but Israel -- the theme should be All's fair in love and war. 

Not with Arab-loving Obama. Instead of encouraging Israel to eradicate the Hamas terrorists, the president insisted that the IDF limit its Gaza operation to attacking "precise tunnels."

For starters, the Americans have no business dictating Israeli war strategy. And for another terror tunnels are only a fraction of the Hamas military bases. 

Then, there's the State Department's feeble plaint that innocent Arabs have been killed by the Gaza operation. 

Wake up, John Kerry: any collateral damage inflicted on Gazans has occurred solely because the war was ignited by Hamas. No more no less.

Imagine, after the Japanese sneak attack on Pearl Harbor December 7, 1941 that the British told President Roosevelt to limit American retaliation so that no innocent Japs would be hurt by collateral damage.

War is hell. Hamas should have figured out that equation the moment it fired its first rocket into innocent Israel.

So should have the terrorists' best friend in the White House, Obama.

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