Monday, July 7, 2014


By Schmoel Yitzhak

Pragmatic thinkers in Israel believe that Benjamin Netanyahu is doing the right thing.

While endless barrages of rockets clobber cities such as Sderlot -- even as far as Beersheba -- the Israeli response continues to be something akin to tit-for-tat.

Problem is, the Arab tit inevitably is more lethal than the Israeli tat.

What's more, the Arab tit, as always, is aimed at innocent civilians; all part of militant Islamist/Arabist strategy.

But it's the grand Israeli blueprint that most concerns me and it all comes down to one question: should Bibi continue his plan for patience; relying on retaliation by air in terms of reducing the rocket threat?

Or, has the time come -- as Avigdor Lieberman so vociferously proclaims -- for a more forceful attack on Gaza; even more mightily than the previous operation Cast Lead?

I believe that Bibi should hold his fire at least for the next few days to determine whether the Israeli air force can, in fact, inflict enough damage on Hamas for the terrorist state to once and for all cease the firing.

If this can be accomplished, then perhaps the Likud-run government can arrange to thoroughly defuse Hamas either diplomatically or with some other well-chosen, forceful strategy. 

If not, the time will have come to go the Lieberman route and declare full-scale war to ultimately wipe out Hamas.

In that way, the tat will erase the tit.

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