Thursday, July 31, 2014


By Simon Fischler

This is no ordinary war for Israel and this point is not understood by Hamas, The United States of America, Qatar nor Turkey for that matter. 

To 82% of Israelis this is a war for the survival of our country against the darkest fascists of the colonial Arab world. 

John Kerry just does not get it, nor does Mohammad Deif nor Hussein Obama. The Jewish Nation State of Israel will fight longer and harder than any other country or nation on this planet. 

Need proof, ask the Romans and the ancient Greeks. Ohhh, sorry they do not exist anymore. 

This war for Israel is a war for the diplomatic and political freedom of our nation. 

Israel means to fight and fight until the end and win because it has to do so in order to survive. Israel is committed to the protection of its citizens whether they be Jewish, Druze, Circassian, Aramaic Christians or Arabs. 

Unlike Hamas, an organization that brags about using Human Shields and brags about loving death, Israel is the light in this dark world, the country that fights for the citizens of freedom and liberty. 

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu has done what no Israeli Prime Minster has been able to do in decades, maybe even since David Ben-Gurion. 

He has faced down a corrupt European Union, the same EU that has been financing Hamas in Gaza, the same people who have given money to fund tunnels built to kill Jews. 

Bibi faced down these EU politicians who would be happy to see Jews die again, just as we remember from Auschwitz. These anti-Semitic European Countries were demanding an early Israeli cease-fire. Bibi said thanks but no thanks to the EU,

And with that one statement he said loudly that Israel will no longer let its citizens be sheep fodder for the Hamas wolves. 

American President and Muslim Brotherhood commander in chief, Barack Obama at the behest of Hamas and the Muslim Brotherhood State of Qatar also applied considerable pressure on Israel and Egypt to cease and desist in their war for freedom against Hamas, the Muslim Brotherhood and the Sunni Umma.  

The difference this time is that both Israel and Egypt know they are fighting for the survival of their Nation states. Bibi and Sissi have fought off Obama’s attempts to lead the Muslim Brotherhood with Turkish dictator Erdogan and Qatari Emir Sheikh Tamim bin Hamad Al Thani against Israel and Egypt. 

Bibi is not alone. For the first time in decades Israeli politicians from the Right to the Left have joined together.

The second John Kerry brought a Cease-fire proposal from the same people (Qatar and Turkey) who have financed the Hamas murderers in Gaza the left and right in Israel saw this was a battle that Israel had to see through until the end. 

With the citizens of Israel and the politicians of Israel behind him, Bibi is standing up to Obama.

Obama, an American President who is death to freedom and death to Liberty, and his incompetent Secretary of State John Kerry have been put on notice. Israel will no longer sell out its citizens, nor agree to bogus cease-fires to accommodate a flaccid Obama.

Israel will not surrender its citizens so Obama can keep his relationship with Qatar(who happen to be the financiers of Hamas, Al-Qaeda, Taliban, ISIS and other nasties who hate Israel and America). 

Let the world understand verily clearly Israel will not surrender to this new world order. Israel will not bend the knee to the colonial, monetary hopes of the EU(Rome) nor will Israel accede to its destruction by the Arab/Muslim colonialists of the Sunni Muslim Brotherhood. 

Israel will fight for the indigenous rights of all the ancient peoples of the Levant.

It will fight against the colonial attempts to destroy our cultures.

It will battle to the end the Muslim Brotherhood and all its incarnations be they Hamas, Al-Qaeda, the ISIS or UNRWA. We will fight against the attempts of the European Union to destroy our cultures and replace them with some Euro/Roman invention. 

HEAR O’ISRAEL! Israel is here to stay, we will fight to the death as we did at Masada and Gamla. 

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