Thursday, August 7, 2014


By Simon Fischler 

Anti-Semites love to talk about the Jewish lobby in America. 

In reality it has become evident that Qatar owns the United States of America. 

Well, at least Qatar owns American Universities like Columbia, the United States Army and the State Department. Oh, Qatar also owns Jimmy ”Crack-Corn” Carter too.

The Emirate of Qatar, a Wahhabi Fundamentalist government, has more money than all the Jews in the world, plus another trillion. 

They are the largest donors of American Universities, so much so that they can shape the curriculum at these supposed centers of higher learning. 

Qatar owns Al-Jazeera and pays billions of dollars to CNN, BBC and other media outlets through commercial money. 

Basically, Al-Qaeda/Qatar, is shaping the minds of Americans and Europeans and that is a very scary thought.

This is nothing new though; they have been slowly building this enterprise.

It has been the horrible human rights records that have made the Arab governments  look so bad in the past. 

That has changed: Qatar has learned that with Political Correctness and the spending of trillions of dollars they can bamboozle the world with lies. 

After all it was Qatar that gave the OK for Hamas to kidnap and MURDER three Israeli teenagers and then start shooting rockets into Israel.

Why would nice little Qatar do such a thing? 

They gave Hamas the green light because their other Wahhabi backed Islamic group, ISIS, started making really bad headlines in the international media.

ISIS was running around Iraq beheading Christians and mass murdering Alawites in Syria. 

Qatar needed to take the heat off.

They are aware of how anti-Semitic the world is because they have spent Billions in shaping it this way.  

Qatar needed international eyes turned away from the heinous acts their militias were and still are creating in Iraq and Syria. 

So they used the oldest play in the Arab play-book. Start a war with Israel.

Qatar was ready to sacrifice ten thousand civilians living in the Gaza Strip to turn the eyes of the world from the atrocities happening in Iraq and Syria. 

So, Qatar FOCUSED the worlds attention on Israel.

Qatar’s version of the news read like this, Israel is bad even if it is defending itself against thousands of rockets and tunnels dug into its sovereign land to murder thousands of Israelis. 

Qatar knew well that the world would buy this and condemn the Jew among nations. Joseph Geobbles could well be alive and working for the Qatari foreign ministry.  

Scariest of all was the control that Qatar had on the Obama Administration and American Secretary of State John Kerry. 

We can thank C.A.I.R- The Council On American Islamic Relations or The American Muslim Brotherhood for the anti-Israel behavior of the Obama Administration.

It finally took the combined effort of Israel, Egypt, Jordan and Mahmoud Abbas to stop the Qatari programed John Kerry “Cease-Fire”. 

Wake up America and Europe, your friend Qatar is evil to the core!  

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  1. I agree about everything but the U.S. Army, which has pretty much unbreakable ties with the IDF