Thursday, August 14, 2014


By Simon Fischler 

Dear Jewish Organizations,

Please stop calling the UN one sided and start acting in an effective manner!

Yes, the United Nations is one sided, that is not even a question anymore. 

When Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu called the United Nations Human Rights Council a “Kangaroo Court” he was 100% correct. It has one goal, passing anti-Israel resolutions which makes it an anti-Semitic institution. 

This is where The Major Jewish Organizations should be focusing their attention, not in writing Ban Ki Moon useless letters. 

The head of this Kangaroo Court incites against the Jewish people,PERIOD.UNHRC head Navi Pillay has Israeli blood on her hands. She had many mendacious words to say in condemnation of Israel as it defended its citizens against thousands of rockets being rained down on its sovereign land and cities. 

But Pillay had nothing to say against Hamas as this terrorist organization shot thousands of rockets into Israeli civilian centers and used its own citizens as human shields.  

Pillay’s behavior stands as a stark reminder that it is not Zionism that is racism, but Arabism that is racism. 

The Arabs use stooges like Navi Pillay and organizations like the United Nations to advance their colonialist aspirations. This should bother American Jewish Organizations because American Tax payer money is being used to support an anti-Israel/anti-Semitic world policy! 

With UNHRC members like Pakistan, Kuwait, Algeria, Saudi Arabia and Venezuela to name a few can Israel ever hope to see a fair trial? Of course not. 

Then we have the Arab created United Nations Relief and Works Agency for Palestinian Refugees in the Near-East, UNRWA. This agency it built for one reason and one reason only, the destruction of the Jewish Nation State of Israel. 

UNRWA perpetuates a made-up refugee problem by giving refugee status to the children of refugees that left Israel during the Israeli War of Independence. They did this mainly in order to assist the Arab armies that were invading the nascent Jewish Nation State. No other refugee status throughout the world can be passed down from parent to child. Once again a double-standard and bias in favor of Arabs. 

The behavior of UNRWA during Israel’s battle against the Hamas terror enclave called the Gaza Strip was nothing less than duplicitous. Instead of abiding by the UN demands of being neutral and impartial, UNRWA aided Hamas hand and hand. 

They did this by promoting the Hamas narrative throughout the conflict by spreading the constant lies and innuendo of UNRWA Chief Chris Gunness. .

Gunness is so deeply connected to Hamas that he was willing to stage one of the most dramatically apocryphal break downs on the Qatari (Muslim Brotherhood/Hamas) owned Al-Jazeera network. 

UNRWA gave protection to Hamas gunmen at UNRWA  institutions like schools, Health Clinics and Shelters, FACT!  

Rockets were fired from UN positions on a daily basis. It matters not that the UN gave the IDF coordinates of its buildings in an attempt to protect them because Hamas terrorists were using these buildings to attack the IDF in coordination with UNRWA. 

Three times Hamas Rockets were found inside of UNRWA schools. This is beyond illegal and beyond unacceptable! Three times these rockets were GIVEN BACK to Hamas. 

A UNRWA health clinic was used as a staging ground for an ambush of IDF soldiers that lead to the death of three soldiers. This is not just obviously illegal under the institutions of international law and the laws of the United Nations bit it also makes all UNRWA buildings military targets under the Geneva Conventions! 

What needs to be done is simple.  

The combined effort of the Jewish people, Jewish organizations in America and throughout the world needs to be used, not to write a letter the UN General-Secretary, but to bring law-suits to bear against the United Nations because of its complicit behavior against Israel. 

The undeniable connection between UNRWA and HAMAS is illegal under international law, it incites against both Israel and the Jewish Nation world wide. 

Furthermore it is imperative that the American Justice system be used to remove Chris Gunness from his position for aiding and abetting a terrorist organization that has killed American citizens. 

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