Saturday, August 30, 2014


By Simon Fischler

Should I denounce the physical attack of George Galloway inside of London? 

Should I denounce an attack on a known anti-Semite, a man that revels in the death of Israelis? 

Should I denounce an attack on a man that would be happy to see my children raped and murdered by Fascist Arabs? 

Should I denounce an attack on a man that incites against the whole of the Jewish Nation?

No I won't denounce it. 

I'd say he may have had the whole thing staged even. 

But if this really did happen, now Mr. Galloway understands how it feels to be a Jew on every street, in every capital of Europe and in many cities in America. 

NO, forget condemnation, I won't denounce it. 

The punk Galloway got what was coming to him. 

I'll even raise you one higher. 

This response to Galloway's anti-Semitic behavior is what is needed. 

The Jewish Nation needs to be hitting back hard against the campus rhetoric, the boycotts and the down-right Jew-Hating campaign to elegitimize Israel.

I've been saying it for a while, we are involved in a street fight, Hasbara will only work if it has a forceful side to it.

George Galloway would be happy to see the Jews being marched off to death camps again. 

So I will not denounce any action used to shut his filthy Jew-Hating mouth. 

Remember people, NEVER AGAIN, and this starts with George Galloway. 

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