Friday, September 5, 2014


By Simon Fischler

There are many “Day After” scenarios on the horizon for Israel, but one stands out for immediate and direct attention. 

The volatile situation in Jordan and the possibility of the assassination of King Abdullah by the ISIS militia.

With ISIS gains in Iraq and Syria now coming under threat by United States bombing raids, they are prepared to do everything to protect their battlefield victories.

This was made evident with the beheading of journalists James Foley and Steven Sotloff. 

ISIS knows that beheading journalists will not stop America, so they have definitely set their sites elsewhere. 

Be sure that this fascist, terrorist militia is preparing to bring down the Hashemite King. He is the American achilles heal in the Middle-East. 

The Hashemites have always been a CIA political entity stuck right smack in the middle of the Arab world. 

ISIS knows the Hashemites are weak and they view Abdullah as a crusader stooge. 

ISIS also knows that the best way to hit back at America’s military might is through Amman. 

The Obama administration has done much to destroy its relationship with Israel and Egypt to placate Qatar and Turkey. This has been an incredible mistake, these are the same fundamentalist governments that created ISIS and pay the bills of HAMAS. 

This administration needs to work overtime to get the leaders of Egypt and Israel on the same page with America to stop ISIS before they are capable of getting a stronger foothold in Jordan. 

That would mean America could no longer avoid putting “Boots on the Ground.” 

Having the information and sources to protect Abdullah and his regime will only be capable with Israel and Egypt working together with America. 

Israel cannot forget that this administration has failed in all of its endeavors in the Middle-East. 

Taking this into account it is imperative that the IDF prepares for an “End of Hashemite Days” scenario on its Eastern border. 

Israel is returning to a 1948 diplomatic and political scenario; dealing with this will take pragmatic, honest leadership. 

It will take leaders who will start from this very moment to prepare the Economy and the nation for tough times. 

The IDF leadership and defense ministry were right when they said there is no way that Israel can cut the defense budget. 

The Israeli navy is desperate for new Frigates to protect the Gas Platforms in the Mediterranean Sea, (these vessels won't come in at less then 460 million dollars) that promise a steady income and political power for Israel.

That income and power will vanish, not be, if the IDF cannot maintain security in Israel’s coastal waters. 

It is clear that to do this the IDF needs at least two of these new frigates that can provide air-defense for the platforms; in truth four are really needed to remind Turkey and Hezbollah that Israel is not to be trifled with. 

Now with ISIS and Al-Nusra on Israel’s Northern and Eastern borders training of both the standing army and reserves must be increased, not decreased. 

Along with this the defense ministry will have to speed up the orders and numbers of Merkava Mk. 4 tanks, Namer Infantry Fighting Vehicles, Trophy anti-Tank missile countermeasures and of course Iron Dome, Davids Sling and Arrow 3 missile interceptors. 

If Obama and Kerry do wake up and come to Israel (Americas traditional and natural ally) for help in dealing with ISIS then Israel must help. 

One thing that America could provide to immediately help Israeli border communities is the Phalanx CIWS Land Based Canon. 

This system has proven extremely affective at destroying the mortars that are causing havoc on the border communities from the South along the Gaza Strip to the North on the Golan heights. 

One way or another, Israel must start preparing for the worst case scenario in Jordan. 


  1. I thought it was the British who controlled Jordan, that's what my Jordanian friend tells me.
    I also believe thst the Hashmites will fall, but if the West backs them, there's a strong pro West secular faction that could take control. They are pro Israel and believe that the only chance for a Democratic Jordan is if it has democratic Israel at its back.

  2. israel should start right now by a surprise attack on Gaza and destroy Gaza city, take down the power lines, cut off the electricity cables, communications, and then bunker bust it so that the tunnels will collapse with Hamasniks inside. This kind of thing would shock the world. And when they asked, we would tell them, see this is how you deal with islamic totalitarianism, the modern day "4th Reich"

  3. Fascists like these militant Isalmic nazis need to see the Jews as ruthless warriors, who will fight to the last drop for their blood- and will not hesitate to kill ahuman hostages if there are rockets there that are capable of killing our children. We look weak because Bibi is weak. They smell our blood because he gives in to them every time. Now Mashaal is the new boss, he makes the rules, about Israeli economy, war, maritime issues, etc. He wears the gold. We could have won the last war, but Bibi took a fall. He instructed the IAF not to shoot where arab civilians were, so they left rocket launchers in place, some of which maimed and killed. There were three IDF that called in for cover-refused because of instructions not to shoot arabs . This is criminal stupidity. But the worse loss of all is our dignity. Now Jews worldwide will hang their head, and will be beat up and called dirty Jews to their faces. We already are having violence perpetrated against innocent Jews, and their families. This leader will lead us to ruination. He must be replaced, or at least restrained by others in his party.

  4. correction, they left rocket launchers in place, and innocent people die. That is the point ----Jews. They were there to protect Israel, but instead they were protecting our enemies