Tuesday, September 23, 2014

Mahmoud Abbas' United Nations Lie

By Simon Fischler

With Mahmoud Abbas doing all he can to force an Arab/UN resolution on Israel it is time to take a step back, a deep breath and look with a magnifying glass at how the Palestinians have ruined any chance of Peace throughout history . 

History is a key component to making a better future. 

This is a bit of knowledge the Palestinians lack. 

The Palestinians have never wanted to look back on their history with an ounce of truth. They have never wanted to look at their past mistakes in an attempt to correct them. 

From the beginning of this conflict the Arabs of Eretz Israel ( I call them this because the name Palestinian is nothing more than a twentieth century invention) have done all they can to deny the Jews their rightful home, accepted under international law. 

Jews were a majority population in the major cities of Eretz Israel until the Arab riots of the early twentieth century. 

The Jews were the majority in Hebron, Safed and Jerusalem. 

When the opportunity of returning European Jews to their native homeland in Israel was approved through international law in the League of Nations the Arabs defied the same international law they attempt to use against Israel today, revolted and murdered hundreds of Jews.

In 1929 the Arabs committed the Hebron massacre, killing 67 Jews and pushing the whole Jewish population out of Hebron.

On November 29th, 1947, the United Nations voted 33 to 13 to partition the British Mandate in Israel into two states, one Jewish one Arab. 

The Jewish population accepted this, the Arab Higher Committee rejected it with the backing of the Arab League. This is FACT and it is also a continuous international crime.

From the beginning the Arab world has never accepted the concept of the right of Jewish Self-determination in the land of the Jewish Nation.

Because of the Arab refusal to accept Israel’s right to exist, the war of Israeli Independence was fought and won by the Jews. 

Israel fought and won this war against the combined armies of Egypt, Trans-Jordan (under British military leadership), Lebanon, Syria, plus contingents from Morocco, Libya, Algeria and Iraq. 

From this point on the Jews created and maintained the state of Israel. 

In addition to creating a homeland for the battered remnants of Europe’s Jewry, Israel brought in all the Jewish refugees, some 900,000, who were subsequently expelled from the Arab and Muslim states where they had been living since exile from ancient Israel thousands of years ago. 

Today Mahmoud Abbas is not interested in peace or compromise with Israel. No, Abbas is interested in creating fictitious Arab history, creating pre-conditions that make negotiations impossible and blaming Israel for Arab Racism.

Israel must fight Abbas’ attempts to force a colonialist Arab proposition on Israel and counter him with an Israeli proposal that is beneficial to Israel. 

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