Friday, August 8, 2014


By Simon Fischler 

Hello nasty world. 

How are you today? 

Just to let you know the fanatical muslim terrorist group named Hamas has started shooting rockets into my country, Israel, again. 

That is right, although Israel wanted to continue a Cease-Fire, Hamas refused and like the bloodthirsty animals that they are the second the 72 hour cease-fire ended they immediately fired rockets into Israel.  

Now I know all of you can't wait to get to your next anti-Semitic/anti-Israel rally but maybe you can take a second to think. 

All of you who stand against Israel, you are the worst haters of the world. Take a second to think, you are the bully in the playground and Hamas is your anti-Semitic weapon. 

How dare you expect that a people, a nation would just let rockets rain down on them! How dare you tell us to be proportional when our children are the ones who will suffer. You think you can punch us and bully us into submission? We have not forgotten the last time we submitted, it was called the Holocaust. 

The aggressive, fanatical, fascist actions carried out by Arabs and non-immigrant Europeans towards Israel and Jews in general is the same sick disease that flooded Europe during the Shoah. 

It makes no difference if you do it through ignorance, when you speak against Israel you are speaking against Jews.

This was proven with the inhuman attacks against Jews throughout Europe, Australia and the United States.

Heck, you Jew haters haven't had it this good since the third Reich owned Europe. 

I hope and I pray that the forces of my country, The IDF, will once again engage the Muslim terrorists that are trying like you to delegitimize and destroy my nation. There are NO INNOCENT CIVILIANS IN GAZA ANYMORE!

I hope that all of you standing against Israel also know that the Jewish nation will not be beaten up by the world again. 

Every Arab child that dies, does so because this Nasty world is letting Hamas get away with Murder. Every Arab child that dies does so because the people protesting against Israel are fascist Nazis egging on Hamas in a battle Israel will never let itself lose.

The United Nations and the World needs to be held responsible for committing ethnic crimes against Israel and the Jewish Nation by giving support to Hamas. 

Organizations like the UN, CNN, BBC and Al-Jezeera are inciting against Israel and Jews . This is no longer just bias and being one-sided. These groups are committing a massive hate crime against the Jewish nation by intentionally falsely reporting. Therefore they are engaging in a crime against humanity. 

Look you nasty anti-Semitic world, THIS IS EXACTLY HOW THE HOLOCAUST STARTED, but this time I pray that the Jewish will not lie down to be slaughtered. 

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