Monday, July 21, 2014


By Sig Demling

Leave it to Ban-Ki Moon, boss-man of the United Nations.

Under his stewardship, more than 200,000 Syrians have been massacred by the self-styled King of Syria Bashar al-Assad. Yet, Moon sees fit on his latest Middle-East visit to rip Israel.

Mind you, this is the same Israel that has been unceasingly attacked by the terrorist Hamas group without a peep of significant protest from Moon.

After three Israeli teen-agers were kidnapped and murdered by Hamas, Moon's response was the equivalent of The Square Root Of Chai-Cock. 

Otherwise defined as nothing.

Goaded into war, Israel set out several clearcut objectives. Primary has been the elimination of rocket-firing sites and the closing of tunnels from which Hamas murderers have set out to kill Jews.

Moon is well aware that Hamas had used Gaza residents as human shields. The UN boss knows that rockets have been sprinkled throughout Gaza in the midst of residential neighborhoods.

The UN Pooh-Bah also knows deep in his heart that had he been the Israeli leader he would have done what's necessary to knock out all these hostile outposts.

And, further, if had not yet heard, Hamas has broken at least two truces by hurling rockets at Israel. 

So, for Moon to have the chutzpah to come here and immediately damn Israel is, conversely, a way of praising Hamas.

Such behavior puts the UN's emissary on the side of the same neo-Nazis who have been marching against Israel in London. Paris and other European points.

Translated: Moon has re-defined hypocrisy.

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