Saturday, July 26, 2014


By Simon Fischler 

Let's get something very straight, if ever there was any doubt about the friendship between the democratic State of Israel and this beastly American administration, Secretary of State John Kerry cleared that right up. 

His venomous behavior towards Israel vis-a-vis a Cease-fire between the sovereign Jewish Nation and the terrorist entity running Gaza can be described best as deceitful. 

The Obama administration is working with Qatar, a country run by a Dictator, Emir Tamim bin Hamad Al Thani, who also just happens to be a Wahhabi, Sunni fundamentalist. Their intent, to cause Israel, an American ally, a life-threatening blow. 

Has nothing been learned from 9/11?  

The fact that John Kerry is letting Qatar(the same country that has bankrolled all the Hamas [A Muslim Brotherhood/Wahhabis organization] missiles being shot into Israeli civilian centers and bankrolled the Hamas tunnels that were dug into sovereign Israeli land to commit suicide attacks)be a player in cease-fire negotiations is beyond insane. 

By the way, when did the American President get the green light to have relations with Hamas, a terrorist organization by definition of American law, from the Congress of the United States of America? 

Forget about Benghazi and forget about IRS-gate. The Obama administration has been exposed as working hand in hand with Radical, Sunni, Muslims against a close, liberal, democratic, ally. 

These are the same people who flew planes into the Twin Towers. 

There is a reason why Hamas, an entity of the Muslim Brotherhood and Wahhabism, is behaving so bold while the IDF has completely thrashed it. 

That is how it works when you have a suicidal diplomatic position and the official backing of the President of the United States of America. 

In fact this American Administration is so far behind Hamas that it was willing to place an Air-embargo on Israel. There is no doubt that Obama and Kerry pushed the FAA to suspend flights to Israel.

Do not forget it was John Kerry who threatened Israel with boycotts in speeches this last year.

That is not just crazy, it is down right scary! The only thing that changed this atrocious act, was congressman Ted Cruz calling out the FAA and pointing towards the illegality of Obama pressuring it! 

Why is the media so busy covering the Israeli decision to finally defend its citizens after years of missiles attacks and not this malignant relationship between the Obama administration, Qatar, Turkey, Hamas and the Muslim brotherhood

Maybe because the media is run by the Arab oil emirates (they can pay for all the commercials). 

Save me the idea of civilian deaths causing coverage, more civilians have been killed in Syria this week, by Radical Sunni militias(that is Arab muslim killing Arab muslim in Syria) than Operation Protective Edge( It should have been called operation freedom for Israel).

If CNN, the BBC, Reuters and etc. were not so busy asking why Israel was fighting for the life of its citizens against the same Muslim fundamentalists that kill American soldiers in Afghanistan they might actually do some investigative journalism. 

Maybe they would ask why the Obama administration is working so hard to install Muslim brotherhood governments throughout the middle-east at the behest of Qatar and Turkey.  

Where is Deep Throat today? 

The Obama administration has been bought by Qatari money and please don't forget that the Qatari’s also control and finance the largest American military base in the Middle-East. 

Worst of all, the largest donor to American Universities is you guessed? QATAR!

That money has bought up the Middle-East/Near-East departments of American universities (Columbia University being a great example with their Edward Siad Chair, looks like a Hamas meeting in Beit Hanoun). 

American universities have been flooded with vile, anti-Semitic Arab professors who have re-written history to the point where the world started with Mohammed! When asked about Israel and the history of the Jewish nation these professors make the Ku Klux Klan look like nice people and remind me very much of the Nazis! 

Can you say Genocide, America? 


If Americans cannot get Obama out of the White House and soon it is looking more and more like the end of what was Americas most morally correct diplomatic relationship, her supposedly unbreakable relationship with Israel! 

Guess what, John Kerry, just broke it!  

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