Thursday, July 24, 2014


By Schmoel Yitzhak

The standard comic definition of "chutzpah" has a teen-ager killing his parents and then pleading for clemency because he's an orphan!

In Gaza the United Nations is displaying its own brand of "chutzpah."

An organisation that is supposed to treat all sides with exquisite fairness, the UN is exactly the opposite.

It has constantly favoured the Arab side to a point of absurdity and once again this unfortunate trend is evident in the Gaza war. 

This is a war started by Hamas which kidnapped and killed three Israelis and followed that up by blitzing Israel with thousands of rockets. 

Naturally, as any nation would do Israel defended itself. When Hamas dedicated itself to a long war, Israel invaded and vows a long battle until the ruthless enemy is vanquished.

This won't be easy because Hamas has honeycombed Gaza with hidden rocket-launchers and booby-trapped homes. It has employed human shields and brags about it.

These terrorists stop at nothing including the use of hospitals as fortifications and United Nations buildings as if they are forts.

The UN has been based in Gaza throughout these buildups, knowing that eventually the rockets would be hurled at Israel. 

By failing to take action against these murderers, the UN becomes complicit. Hamas munitions are stored in UN buildings and when found, handed right over to the Arabs to fire at the IDF.

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