Sunday, July 13, 2014


By Schmoel Yitzhak

Well, well, well. Barack Obama has offered to mediate the latest war Hamas has declared against Israel. 

Judging by the American president's hostility toward the Jewish State, the only thing worse would be for Obama to seat Bibi in an electric chair.

Then the worst commander-in-chief Uncle Sam ever had would turn on the electricity if Israel's Prime Minister dared refuse the Obama demands.

Let's face it, virtually every move made the the White House in the past six years has been hostile toward Jerusalem; consistently hostile.

The fact that Obama encouraged a Hamas-Palestinian Authority rapprochement says it all. 

The geniuses on Pennsylvania Avenue have known full well that Hamas -- which brazenly promotes Israel's destruction -- would increase its rocket bombardment. And now the PA has jumped on the rocket bomb wagon.

Yet, Obama refuses to block the huge amount of American taxpayers' money being funneled to the PA-Hamas while rockets fall daily on Israel.

And, if you're wondering why, remember what I've been saying since he took office; America is saddled with a president who cannot make a distinction between militant Islam and the Middle East's only democracy.

Hamas would dearly love to have Obama declare a "truce" because it's getting its ass kicked, big-time.

To stave off its destruction, the terror state figures that Obama will lean over backwards to not only keep Hamas in business but allow it breathing room to re-stock its missile arsenal for another attack on Israel.

Surely, Bibi is neither that naive nor stupid to believe that any such Obama-brokered truce would help Israel. He's been to that dance before and wound up being the wounded wallflower.

What's so ironic about this latest American Middle East gambit is that it follows the failed peacemaking adventure of Secretary of State John Kerry. 

For almost an entire year, Kerry wasted everybody's time and American taxpayer money on endless flights to Jerusalem and Ramallah. 

The secretary's assumption was that Mahmoud Abbas was the man to execute a peace pact with Israel while every Arab on or off the street knew full well that Abbas had neither the power nor respect to deliver.

Kerry completely ignored the real culprit, Hamas, as if the organization didn't even exist nor pack thousands of missiles directed at Tel Aviv, Sederot and, yes, even Jerusalem.

And, now, we have the latest example of head-in-the-sand diplomacy. Mahmoud Abbas is beseeching the United Nations to intervene and produce a cease-fire.

Typically, the Arab leader is making the move to protect the Palestinians being harmed by Israeli attacks.

Nowhere does Abbas mention that this latest war was detonated by endless rocket barrages directed at innocent Israelis.

No wonder Obama is doing everything he can to keep Abbas and Hamas in power.

We're talking about leaders acting like ostriches.

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