Thursday, July 10, 2014


By Simon Fischler

FACT: Hamas is carrying out war crimes by intentionally using the Gaza population as human shields. Hamas spokesman Sami Abi Zuhri admitted this Fact on live television.

FACT:  Hamas is carrying out war crimes by intentionally shooting rockets into Israeli civilian centers.

FACT: The Fatah organization has also admitted that it has started to shoot rockets into Israel; Fatah is led by Mahmoud Abbas, which means the President of the Palestinian Authority has given the green light for rocket attacks on Israeli citizens. This is the same Palestinian Authority that loves to collect American tax-paying greenbacks.

FACT:  The Obama administration is still trying to tell Israel and the international community that the Hamas-Fatah government seeks peace, even as it shoots hundreds of rockets at Israeli civilians.

FACT: Once again the Arabs, who like to call themselves “Palestinians,” are  defecating on all international laws.

FACT:  Hamas naively believed that Israel would tolerate continued rocket fire on its citizens. This was roughly equivalent to Egyptian President Gamal Abdel Nasser’s thinking. Nasser thought he could break international law by closing the Straits of Tiran while kicking the UN out of the Sinai peninsula in 1967. Like Nassar in 1967, Hamas in 2014 has awakened to a rude reality. Israel is fighting back.

Israel has Hamas on the ropes and should not stop until it decides it has met all the goals it has set out for itself in this war against Arab terrorism.

FACT:  The Islamist Obama regime should not be trusted by Israel because it has consistently worked against the interests of the Jewish Nation State; even as the Arabs disregard the goodwill gestures of the Netanyahu government.

FACT:  Obama and his duplicitous EU buddies plus Mahmoud (I'm a lot like Arafat)Abbas are are fully aware that Israel can hold on to Judea and Samaria if it is patient. 

With Jewish birth rates on the rise, Aliyah from Europe really on the rise and Arab birth rates falling, the alleged demographic “problem” of Judea and Samaria has proven to be a hoax.

FACT: The Obama administration says it wants to help Israel sign a peace treaty with a people that did not exist one hundred years ago. The White House claims it wants to help Israel do this to stop  Israel from losing its Jewish majority.

But here’s the problem: The Palestinians say they will never agree to accepting Israel as the Jewish Nation state. They also demand that Arabs, who claim to be refugees living in other countries have the right to return to Israel. No point in signing a piece of nasty peace paper if the Arabs still are intent on destroying Israel through demographics by flooding Israel with refugees.

FACT:  The Arabs claim a fictitious Right of Return thanks to UN General Assembly Resolution 194. This is not international law, it is merely a recommendation. All GA resolutions are merely recommendations and not law. What Abbas does not want you to know is that this resolution clearly states that only those people who were willing to peacefully return to their homes should be allowed to do so.

Over and over again the Arabs have made it clear in word and deed that they want nothing to do with peace. They underlined the point by refusing recognition of Israel. And that makes GA Resolution 194 as useless and void as it was the day it was passed.

FACT: Whether the Arab nation likes it or not the "Palestinians" are not an eternal people like the Jews. The term “Palestinian” is merely an invention of the 20th. Century. The Palestinians were brought about in an attempt to stop the aspirations of freedom and self-determination of the indigenous people of Israel, the Jews. The Arabs, with help from their colonialist friends in Britain hoped the creation of the "Palestinian Arab" would stop the Jews fight for freedom in their homeland Israel.

FACT: Israel has accepted peace with the Arabs since the post-World War I League of Nations and the post-World War II United Nations passing of two States for two peoples, one Jewish, one Arab. Time and again, the Arabs have rejected peace with Israel.

FACT: It is illegal for Jews to buy land or houses in the Hashemite Kingdom of Jordan. In the Territories controlled by the Palestinian Authority it is forbidden by death to sell land or homes to Jews. It is the Arabs who practice racist, semi-apartheid laws, not Israel.

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