Monday, July 28, 2014


By Schmoel Yitzhak

Once Hamas declared war -- more serious than ever war -- on Israel earlier this month, Benjamin Netanyahu said to all Israelis that this would be a "long" one.

He wasn't kidding nor is he fooling around now when he says there's a lot more fighting that has to be done before Hamas not only is neutralized but finally wiped out.

It won't be easy for Bibi to stay the course. 

Israel's closest ally, Uncle Sam, has betrayed it.

America's two leaders, Barack Obama and John Kerry, have led the betrayal by swinging to the Arab side, wholeheartedly.

Their disgraceful actions have emboldened Hamas which, when it isn't betraying a truce, is trying to wipe out Israel.

Bibi says the war won't be over until the IDF destroys the Gaza tunnel structure and right then and there he's sadly mistaken.

Hamas should not be permitted to exist. No matter how long it take the IDF, it must wipe out Hamas as an entity once and for all. 

If not, Israelis will be tormented by these terrorists as never before.

When the war began Bibi said straight out that he will not be swayed by the Europeans, by the countries that will call for a truce with no teeth in it.

Already he has told off the UN and its phony leader.

But the Jew-haters will plot and find ways to water down Israel's resistance either by truce or some other means.

Therefore, Bibi must stay the course. There will be many more Israeli deaths but if the result is the crushing of Hamas it all will be worthwhile.


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