Thursday, July 24, 2014


By Simon Fischler 

Here is a name all of Israel needs know, Chris Gunness. 

He is fervently anti-Israel and anti-Semitic and he is working for the UNRWA. That’s right, the United Nations which is supposed to be objective and fair. 

His fervent hatred of Israel and the Jewish nation is expressed in his 24/7 tweets supporting Hamas, the expressed enemy of the Middle East’s only democracy.  

Today he continued his anti-Semitic work for Hamas, tweeting to the world that the IDF intentionally targeted a UN school with refugees inside of it. 

He claims that the IDF was asked to let the "civilians" inside of this would be school the ability to escape. 

What Chris Gunness, UNRWA and the UN do not want you to know is that the IDF could never agree to this because it would enable Hamas gunmen, hiding with Chris, the ability to escape too. 

Of course Gunness also forgot to tweet to the world that Hamas was shooting rockets from this UNRWA school, continually throughout the day. 

Hamas has been doing this throughout this war, doing it while UN workers like Chris Gunness fail to acknowledge and deplore the human shield strategy employed by the Hamas terrorists.

Paid by the UN, Gunness nevertheless does his pitching for the Arabs. Calling him the Hamas’ version of the Nazi propagandist puts him in proper perspective. 

Let’s face it, UNRWA personnel in Gaza are not working for peace, nor are they  innocent bystanders. 

The second Chris Gunness and his cohorts gave missiles "they found" in UNRWA schools to Hamas the UN automatically became an arm of Hamas. 

While Hamas is targeting IDF soldiers with small arms fire from the buildings Gunness runs he should not expect our army not to fire back!  

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  1. I can not believe that false propaganda is reeling people in to hate us again.....i can't believe it!!!!!