Sunday, July 27, 2014


By Sig Demling

Pardon my immodesty but I told you so.

I told you that America's president was a closet Muslim.

I told you that his comment about "having Israel's back" was an egregious lie.

I told you that after a year into his second term, Obama would pull the rug on Israel worse than any previous American president. 

I told you that John Kerry could not be trusted; that he'd sell out Israel -- big-time -- at the first opportunity.

All of this has happened in spades.

After Israel accepted Egypt's truce proposal -- and Hamas rejected same -- the world should have understood that a Gaza War was for real.

At that time the Obama-Kerry duet should have jumped right in and supported the Middle East's only democracy. 

The White House should have turned its back on the acknowledged terrorist Hamas and declared unequivocal support for its (supposed) strongest ally in the Middle East.

But Obama-Kerry did the opposite. Instead of supporting the Egyptian proposal, Kerry decided to intervene with his own ridiculous plan.

And what it comes to is an outright capitulation to Hamas, offering the terrorists nothing but presents while thoroughly diminishing Israel's ability to defend itself in any reasonable way, shape or form.

Few believed me when I began pointing out the White House pro-Obama bent. 

I told you so then and it's all being borne out now.

With friends like Obama-Kerry, Israel doesn't need any enemies.

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