Tuesday, July 22, 2014


By Simon Fischler 

We’ve arrived at a later-day D-Day, as in June 6, 1944 revisited.

No, sorry; change that; it’s a 2014 version of the 1916 Battle of the Somme — minus a few thousand deaths. 

On the original D-Day, at the GI’s Omaha beach landing, the American forces sustained 2,000 deaths in one day. During World War I, at the battle of the Somme, England lost 11,000 soldiers in one day.

It is unbelievable how poorly the media coverage has been towards the amazing progress of the IDF.

Maybe it is the complete lack of knowledge in the general media of weapons systems and the effect they have in battles. This is to be expected from the foreign media and fools like CNN correspondent Ben Wedeman. But it is not acceptable from the Israeli media, especially not the Times of Israel. 

Hamas has not surprised the IDF. The army has been training for this war since 2009. 

Our boys have broken their way into the most intense, fortified battlefield the world has seen. Gaza City eats up Bagdad and makes Afghanistan look tame. 

The fact that the IDF is not suffering hundreds of casualties a day is a miracle and a testament to how the Israeli soldier’s greatness and fortitude. 

The way in which some aspects of the Israeli media have been presenting this War is irresponsible and should be investigated.

Daily we hear about casualties, when we should be hearing about the achievements our soldiers have been making fighting, literally, inside of hell. 

I remind those who are listening, both our soldiers and our leaders are facing enemies that seek to destroy Israel. 

On a side note, tonight July 22, 2014 the FAA has canceled flights from American Airlines to and from Israel. Behind this move are John Kerry and Barack Obama. This is their sadistic way of trying to force Israel into a Cease-fire we are not yet ready to accept! 


  1. Israel must conquer and destroy Gaza. Then, transfer the population to South America where they can live lives without war and terrorists turning their children into terrorists.

    In short: Obama and Kerry want to stop Israeli’s attack on Hamas so they can rebuild and rearm Hamas. Robin

  2. Texas Longhorns may help farms in East Africa, Israel

    Robin rosenblatt

  3. Have Israeli’s, Jews and Christians forgotten that the Attacks on Israeli Ranches and farms are still continuing. Help the Israel Longhorn Project to stop it. http://longhornproject.org