Thursday, October 9, 2014


By Simon Fischler 

Anti-Semitic crimes are happening daily in Europe and now the JEW-HATERS are rearing their ugly heads in NYC. 

Hila Medalia, director of “DANCING IN JAFFA" feared for her life when the Israel Film Festival in Carpentras, France was hassled by Arab/Islamic thugs who hurled stink bombs, bottles and anti-Semitic slurs at her. The police said they could do very little to help her.

A Jewish man in Amsterdam was told This week by Dutch police that he wouldn't be allowed to build a Succot outside of his home for fear that Islamic radicals would vandalize it and possibly come after him.

This is nothing new; this has been the treatment of Jews in Europe since the dawn of time. These supposed enlightened Western-European countries, that do so love to condemn and chastise Israel, might  be better off using that energy to protect what's left of their Jewish populations.

What's most scary is the Qatari-sponsored thuggery that is now being carried out by Arab/Islamic fascists in America against Jews and the impotency of local law authorities and the Obama administration to fight these heinous crimes. 

It is as if Obama himself is using this as a card to play against Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu.

Yesterday, Leonard Petlakh, a Jewish Leader in Brooklyn was accosted by Arab fascists outside of a Brooklyn Nets game. He was attacked in front of his two children aged 10 and 14. His nose was broken and he had to have 8 stitches to mend his face. I guess he is lucky they didn't be-head him. 

Yes, my dear Jewish brothers and sisters living outside of Israel, this is how it all started leading up to the Shoah. Sadly you are all still living in the bubble of "Everything is fine and that could never happen again", but that's exactly what the Jews of Europe were saying the night  before Kristalnacht.

To a degree Israel is at fault too and has a part to play in turning the tide. 

I've been blogging for Israel for about ten years and throughout this period I've had a steady mantra. This is a war.  A war that is being fought like a street fight and our nation is fighting not just on the borders of Gaza, Syria and Lebanon. 

Today the battles are just as much on the streets of Paris, Amsterdam, Berlin, New York, Boston, Los Angeles, San Francisco and Seattle. Inside each and everyone of these cities a branch of the Muslim Brotherhood sponsored BDS movement has set up camp. 

The Muslim Brotherhood/BDS has perfected their insidious propaganda with help from professors and  "academics" all picking up a large Qatari paycheck for their effort. 

All of this is taking place in the hallowed halls of institutions of higher learning, where they prey upon the ignorant and naive, as the Nazis did once, and force feed them the worst anti-Semitic rhetoric there is. The fact that all of this stands in complete defiance of Freedom and the pursuit of knowledge seems to have flown right past everyone.

The fact that local authorities can no longer protect jews in Europe is nothing new. But there is more that Israel can do to protect her Jewish citizens living outside of her borders. 

This war has nothing to do with the morally correct war Israel fought this past summer against the same Arab/Islamic/Fascists called HAMAS. 

No, this is a war of delegitimization of Jews, their freedom and their right to self-determination and it has been going on for centuries. It has heated up under the sword of Arab/Islamic racism, especially in the last two decades. 

Now their hope is to make us cower, to fear expressing our love of Jewishness and the love we have for our amazing democracy.  Like Leonard Petlakh we most laugh in the face of racism and fight on for Israel.  

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