Thursday, October 2, 2014


By Simon Fischler 

The Obama administration’s behavior towards Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu and the DEMOCRATICALLY elected government of Israel has become downright dastardly. 

Just yesterday the President of America was praising Netanyahu, going so far as to call him by his Israeli nickname Bibi. Obama was doing this while also soaking up undeserving praise from the Prime Minister on American policy towards ISIS.

unscrupulouslyToday it is a totally different story. Today Obama’s attack hound, Jen Psaki, is back at condemning Israel for daring once again to build inside of Israel’s capital city of Jerusalem. 

What the Obama administration did not take into account, because it was not served up to them properly by Arab advocacy group Peace Now, was that a large part of this construction (that was approved two years ago) is for Arab residents of Jerusalem. 

More importantly, while the Qatari and Turkish created ISIS beheads Americans and Britons daily, slaughters Shia’s, Christians and Yazidim this Administration felt it was important to take the time to chastise its closest, safest and most morally sound ALLY, Israel for building homes for Arabs and Jews. 

Why? Because as always, building homes for JEWS inside of Israel is bad and prevents peace, even if you are also building homes for Arabs. 


If you take the time to READ the definition of what APARTHEID means, then you would know that what the Arabs (Palestinians if you want) and Obama administration are talking about is nothing but Apartheid. 

Last week the leader of the Palestinians (the fascist Arabs whom America is pushing Israel to make Peace with) rose to the podium of the United Nations and gave a speech that was anti-Semitic to its core, filled with lies and innuendo and incited against the Jewish Nation. 

Yes, there was American condemnation, but not enough and not nearly as harsh as the words leveled at Israel today

The behavior of Mahmoud Abbas, Saeb Erekat and the rest of the Arab hierarchy is what is preventing peace, dialogue or any type of mutual respect, PERIOD. It is high time that America and the EU place blame where it is rightly deserved. 

Here there are not two sides to the story! Here no matter how much QATARI dollars try to re-write history there is only one side that has unscrupulously rejected peace, the Arabs. 

It is undeniable fact that the Arabs rejected international law in 1948, by rejecting TWO STATES  FOR TWO PEOPLES or the Partition Plan. This act and the war of Genocide against the Jews of Israel that the Arabs started, prevented peace, not settlements. 

It is an undeniable fact that Yasser Arafat rejected peace, a Palestinian State on 97% of Judea and Samaria all of the Gaza Strip and an end to Conflict. Instead he started a war in 2001. 

It is undeniable fact the Mahmoud Abbas rejected the same peace plan by Israeli Prime Minster  Ehud Olmert, this time with the more favorable concept of 1 for 1 land swaps between Israel and Palestine. 

And it is undeniable fact that in 2005 Israel uprooted all of its citizens that lived inside the Gaza Strip, giving into the Racist Apartheid policies of making Gaza Judarien, moved all of its army bases out of the Strip and handed all of Gaza over to the Palestinian Authority. What has followed has been the indiscriminate, intolerable launching of tens of thousands of rockets into Sovereign Israel and against its citizens.  

THIS IS WHAT PREVENTS PEACE! Not homes for Jews!  

Does the Obama administration approve of the Racist policies presented by Mahmoud Abbas, Saeb Erekat and former Palestinian Prime Minster Salam Fayyad, a JEW FREE State of Palestine? Does Obama advocate Judenrien/Judenfrie, because his policies towards Jerusalem makes it look that way. 

Is the Obama administration advocating a Racist policy that states that only Arabs will be allowed to live on the land that Israel gives to create a state of Palestine; if there is ever an Arab leader that puts creating said state in front of the destruction of Israel? 

Does the Obama administration not understand that the good old days of Oslo are long gone? 

Do they not know that there is a better chance of Hell Freezing over than the appearance of an Israeli government that supports the separation of Jerusalem? 

Worst of all this, is the hard fact that this new crises is based off of false information that was intentionally leaked to the press by the anti-Israel and anti-Netanyahu fringe group Peace Now. 

Peace Now’s corrupt leader Yariv Oppenheimer is behind these leaks and is working against the citizens of Israel. 

This is a person who has continually failed to make it into the Knesset and placed weakly and without a seat (27th spot on the Labor list) when running for the Center Left Labor party in 2012.  

The fact that Oppenheimer has continually worked with American administrations to pass on information against Israel and its citizens that is constantly incorrect and paints Israel as an aggressive land thief is probably treasonous. 

The fact that Yariv Oppenheimer intentionally leaked the information that created this crises at a time that creates conflict between the United States and Israel is without a doubt harmful to the Nation of Israel and its citizens, and is deserving of immediate investigation. 

Oppenheimer’s handlers took it to far this time. Those that pay Oppenheimer detest Israel and its government. The New Israel Fund, the European NGO’s and other anti-Israel institutions want to encourage this asinine behavior by Obama. 

Apparently, and this is mind boggling, the Obama administration is not aware that the overall majority of Israelis, even many Arabs are either Center Right, Center or Center Left, in complete contradiction to the 2% that support a person like Oppenheimer and bow down to the policies that advocate the destruction of Israel. 

This is the hard truth and it is high time that Barack Obama wakes up when it comes to Israel. 

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