Thursday, January 15, 2015

Questions And Answers

By Schmoel Yitzhak

* Knowing that Iran sponsors terrorism, why does the Obama Administration continue dealing with that hostile nation?

Answer: Obama has been kissing the butts of just about every Arab terrorist group from Day One of his tenure. His behavior has encouraged the most recent massacres in France.

* Since Israel is America's closest ally in the Middle East, why does Uncle Sam treat it was if it's dealing with Yemen or some other rogue state?

Answer: This sad turn of events is rooted in the Obama Cairo speech in which he relegated Israel to something akin to an enemy and urged the Middle East's only democracy to accept the 1967 lines, knowing full well that Israel never could do this.

* How come world opinion is angry when non-Jews are murdered by the militant Islamists but remains muted when only Jews are concerned?

Answer: Ever since the end of World War II -- and Holocaust revelations, the non-Jews suffered guilt pangs. But as the decades rolled by their innate -- virtually genetic -- Jew-hatred surfaced. Only when some of their own are slaughtered -- as in Paris -- do the non-Jews rise in anger.

* Why do such brazen acts of Jew-massacre take place so often in France?

Answer: Go back to the Dreyfuss Affair for clues on French Jew-hatred. Then you had the French collaborating with Nazis during World War II; sometimes acting even worse than the Nazis. Most recently, the French have supported a Jew-hating group of Arabs masquerading as "Palestinians" seeking some sort of fictitious state. The French disdain for Jews goes back centuries.

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