Friday, January 9, 2015


By Simon Fischler 

Dear Europe,

Are you enjoying your prize for accepting a Palestinian State? 

Murder in the streets of Paris. 

This is what you have earned with your diplomatic anti-Semitism. 

The dead French are part of the reaping you have sowed by accepting Arab/Islamic domination called Palestiniansim.

More of your dead will come from this farce you have created, be sure of that! 

In fact you should have known this would have happened. Is it too much to ask you to remember what happens when you appease Fascists?

Have you forgotten the “Munich Agreement”?

It was you, Europe, that invented this fascism together under Hitler with Arab, Nazi leader Haj Amin al-Husseini, the first “Palestinian”. 

Did you really think that you could re-direct the Arab/Islamic hatred for your own societies by appeasing them with your dictates towards Israel? 

By the way how dare you think to tell Israel what it can or cannot do to protect it citizens against FASCIST, NAZI Arabs when you cannot keep your own streets safe against these same murderers and their murderous culture. 

Does it feel good to know the meaning of Hamas? 

Do you remember that “technicality” that let Hamas off your EU terror list, well it was the same people who made it off your terror list who murdered French cartoonists.

These same murders have now killed two more Jews in France and are holding more hostage as I write!

HAMAS, ISIS, Al-Qaeda, Hezbollah, whats in a name when all the names mean the same damn thing, Arab/Islamic dominance of the world, Sunni or Shia it makes no difference.   

How dare you dictate what will or will not be the borders of the Jewish Nation state when you cannot even protect the few Jews left in your own borders. 

This is a YET another wake up call for the few Jews left inside your borders. Yet again you have made it clear that Jews are not welcome in Europe. 

Luckily today you don't have power over Israel and today there is a home for Jews to come to. 

Luckily today Jews have an army, one of the best in the world and it is time for Israel to activate its assets in the EU to protect the Jews living there until they make it to Israel.

Europe, you are a decrepit culture filled with anti-Semitism and you have signed your own death wish by appeasing the Arabist/Islamic culture and peoples that brazenly call for your destruction. 

I just hope the Jews left inside your borders make it out before you kill them off! 


  1. News reports are coming out saying that the hostages have been freed and that the animals are dead.

    Now its time to arrest the responsible politicians and journalists and to deport them together with the mohammedans occupying our lands back to mohammedanistan where they all belong.

    Last but not least, its time to support Israel to do the same!

  2. Anonymous, how dare you insult animals.