Thursday, April 28, 2016


⚜The Duke of The North⚜

Pesach (Passover), the celebration of the Jewish Nations freedom from slavery in Egypt and the re-birth of that nation that happened more than three thousand years ago.

Pesach, the celebration of the bond formed more than three thousand years ago between the Jewish Nation and the land of Israel.

Pesach, the celebration and confirmation of the Jewish Nation as the indigenous nation of the Land of Israel. 

The Jew Haters today say that Zionism is the problem in the Middle East. Simply put, that's a bold face lie.

The Arab's who are occupying Judea and Samaria could have had a state three times over if they truly wanted one or cared about peace and reconciliation; once in 1948, once in 2000 and once in 2008.

No, the problem with reaching peace is not Zionism, it's not Jews living in Judea and Samaria or Israel; simply put the problem is the bigoted, colonialist and fascist racism of the Arab usurpers and their anti-Semitic allies throughout the world. 

Zionism is nothing more than the Jewish Nation's demand for its right to self-determination in the land the Jewish Nation was born in, the land of Israel.

The celebration of Pesach is a strong statement of this fact and is an act of Zionism.

Remember, academic history, the science of archeology, religion as we know it all point to the undeniable fact that the Jewish Nation was born and lived in Israel long before the Arabs came into the region and long, long before there was an Islam.

So when someone tries rationalizing that he or she is not an anti-Semite, but just anti-Israel or anti-Zionist, don't let them hoodwink you. Scratch through the p.c. rhetoric and you’ll find today’s version of what anti-semitism is.

Zionism, and Jewish Nationalism, date back to Moses demanding freedom from Pharaoh for the Hebrew/Jewish people.

Zionism dates back to the acceptance, by the children of Israel, of the Laws given to Moses that we know today as the ten commandments (English law is based on the ten commandments).

 Zionism is the fight of the Maccabees against the Greek puppet state in Israel. Zionism is the fight of the Jews of Judea (notice it was not called Palestine) against the Roman (European) occupiers.

The Jewish National movement -- Zionism -- far precedes the Arabs’ emergence from feuding, Idol-worshiping clans to a Nation. It far proceeds the colonialist occupation of Israel by Muslim Arabs. 

It may not have been called Zionism initially, but the basic precepts of what would later be called Zionism date back to Moses and the story of Pesach.

Like it or not the Jewish Nation has always been the Indigenous nation of the land of Israel, not the Arabs who have always been colonialist usurpers.

You say what is in a name? Jew, from Judea, or Israel from the Children of Israel, the same people Moses led out of Egypt into Israel. As the name makes it very clear, Arab, from the Arabian peninsula.

Calling Arabs indigenous to Israel would be like calling white Europeans the indigenous people of America. Its simply a lie!

Israel has become duty bound to fight these attempts to re-write history that are being funded across the world by Arab Oil money largely coming from Qatar.

The Israeli government needs to look no further than the its own history and just as Moses stopped Pharaoh in his tracks, Israel must put an end to the internationalization of anti-Semitism being paid for by the Muslim Brotherhood and Qatar under the disguise of the BDS movement.

Israel must achieve this goal at ALL COSTS!

Like it or not those who stand against Zionism are anti-Semites. In truth those who stand against Zionism are aware of this fact ... WORSE, THEY’RE PROUD OF IT!

On this Pesach Holiday I want to remind my fellow Israelis and the Jewish Nation that we have faced many Pharaoh's throughout our history and we have overcome them. Sometimes we have done it at great cost because we waited to long to fight. This mistake should not be made again.

Today, our Pharaoh is the BDS movement and the Arab Occupying Force (The Palestinians are a creation of the 20th century). They have made it very clear they do not want peace.

The A.O.F has made it clear that they still seek the destruction, occupation, colonization and ethnic cleansing of the Jewish Nation in its homeland Israel. And like the Pharaoh of old, these enemies must be overcome.

More than ever, during this Pesach of the year 2015; that is being celebrated in a destructive and hateful world (Syria, Iraq, Hezbollah and ISIS are all proof to the inhumanity of our world) Israelis and the Jewish Nation must remember that Jewish Freedom in Israel is our NUMBER ONE PRIORITY! 

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