Friday, April 29, 2016


⚜The Duke of The North⚜

There is so much talk, about how the Golan Heights of Israel will never be handed back to the Syrian Occupiers. Thankfully the Syrians have basically made this a reality.  

Yet the government of Israel just isn't doing enough to make living on the Golan a reality for many.

I have been living on the Golan Heights for close to five years on Kibbutz El-Rom. I will always recommend life on the Golan to anyone who asks me. 

The land is beautiful, the quietness and the quality of life for my children are on a level that is untouchable.

But it comes at a price. There are times that I feel I need a passport to come to my beautiful home after a day of shopping off of the Heights.

Speaking of my home. 

I built my house with my own money (well make that my parents money) but my first contractor bolted on my wife and I and we lost one hundred thousand Shekels to that criminal. 

To us, that was like losing one hundred million dollars. 

Now if there were more help from the government to regulate and protect those building on the Golan Heights, situations like this could be avoided. And this should be a priority for the Government, because situations like mine happen way to often. 

But that is secondary, and when it comes to the Heights this is where the dreamer in me comes alive.

Israel is in dire need of re-starting its own fighter jet production. 

The disastrous F-35 project is proof of this. 

Israel is asking America for a squadron of F-15SE's in the next military deal being signed between the two governments. The SE stands for Silent Eagle, but really in Israel's case it should stand for Seriously E-ffraid of the performance results of the F-35.

Adding to that bust of plane was the withholding of Hellfire missiles by the Obama Administration during the last Gaza War. 

Israel can never be in a position where it does not have the missiles needed to fight a war or the modern planes to fight a war.

We have the blueprint in the Lavi program as Moshe Arens has mentioned many times and the only reason why we have not re-started R&D and production on a new fighter is to not piss off the Americans. 

I say Why not build a plant on the out-skirts of Katzrin and re-start what was possibly going to be the best fighter jet ever made. Of course this would be an immediate boost to the economy of the Golan. 

And hey everything doesn't need to be military. 

I have long believed Israel needs a top level sports facility center to train our future Olympians.

Alongside this facility would be a top level Boarding Prep School for both Israeli/Jordanian/Palestinian and American Jewish youth. It will be built so our future athletes can study and learn their sports from the best Israel has to offer. 

I know the funding can be found to create the Israel Center of Athletics and Science (good name right) and of course there’s no better place then the Golan Heights to set it up. 

Hey, if a car can be built in Turkey why can’t we do the same here in Israel? 

Now I know the Sussita was not loved by all in Israel(although the Camels did enjoy it), but Israel has the know how to start a project like this and again why not do it on the Golan Heights.

I think you get my point. 

It is real nice for Bibi to come up here to the Golan, to have his weekly cabinet meeting, but that does not show true support for us Israeli Citizens living here on the Heights. 

My dad has always taught me, deeds are greater than words. 

If Bibi and the government of Israel want to show us wardens of the north that they really care, start doing some serious investing, bringing in jobs with serious paychecks to the Heights. 

Then we will be able to believe Israel will truly never give back what is rightfully ours! 


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