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⚜The Duke of The North⚜

Der Speigal is a highly touted weekly magazine based in Hamburg, Germany. The standards of Der Spiegal are very high, standards once known to be at the NY Times and the BBC. 

Standards that both the Times and the BBC have long lost. 

An article in Der Spiegal this week is accusing Benjamin Netanyahu of damaging ties between Germany and Israel. 

In the article was one quote I found most interesting. 

Supposedly German Chancellor Angela Merkel said after a meeting with Mahmoud Abbas that  "I understand why President Abbas continually seeks out the Security Council."because of the behavior of Benjamin Netanyahu.

If this is the feeling of the German government than it is worrisome. 

I say worrisome because they apparently seem to be deaf to the words of what is the Center  and Left of Israeli politics too.

Yair Lapid's Yesh Atid party, and what remains of the Israeli Left, The Zionist Union, lead by Itzhak Herzog have both made it clear that a deal cannot be reached with Mahmoud Abbas because of his inability, or make that his unwillingness to make the necessary concessions needed for a deal. 

Then of course Lapid and Herzog, like Bibi, mention the fact that Hamas is running half of what is to become Palestine in Gaza. 

These key points force both the Center and the Left in Israel to rule out a deal with a man that never misses an opportunity to run from negotiations and to delegitimize Israel at the United Nations. 

If Merkel understands Abbas' constant attempts to run from negotiations and to make Israel look bad at the United Nations, then she is the problem. 

Yet again this week the Palestinians made very clear... they don't want to talk. Saeb Erekat rejected outright bilateral negotiations with Israel. 

What I do not understand is how the Palestinians bluntly make it clear they are not interested in face to face negotiations and then the Germans somehow blame Israel, that's a bit fishy! 

Apparently the German Government missed the press conference where Bibi stated clearly that he would wipe his schedule clean for immediate talks with Mahmoud Abbas WITHOUT PRECONDITIONS. 

Again the Palestinian response was very clear, REJECTION! 

Der Speigal also declines to mention the unconfirmed, but well known fact, that building outside of the major settlements has come to a halt. 

This is the main factor that is creating friction between Bibi and Bennett.

The German Government also forgets that Bibi is the democratically elected Prime Minster of Israel. 

All the polls had him losing the last election as they have him down now too, yet when judgement day arrived here in Israel, Bibi won. 

This happened for a reason. 

The majority of Israelis are like me, liberal and wanting peace. But for all of us who have been living in Israel for more than 5 minutes we remember what has happened in the last 15 years.

I remember voting for Ehud Barak in the hopes of seeing the Two State Solution come into fruition. 

I like a majority of Israel's citizens also remember very clearly the FACT that the Palestinians, including now president Mahmoud Abbas and racist, Jew-Hater Saeb Erekat rejected the Clinton Proposal for Peace. 

They then started a pre-planned war against the citizens of Israel . 

These facts are apparently lost on the German Government, Der Speigal and The Times of Israel. Just as the true historical facts of who Hitler was have been intentionally lost by Ken Livingston, George Galloway and other Labor neo-Nazis in Britain. 

I am tired of having the facts glossed over! Like me the majority of Israelis are also tired of having our murders and terrorist tactics and mentality of the Palestinian Authority just glossed over.

Speaking of glossing over things. 

Der Spiegal makes no mention of Saeb Erekat and his blatant, anti-Semitic lies. The lies of Mr. Erekat have no boundaries and he has proudly stated a promise to the Palestinian people for a Jew Free Palestine.  So Germany accepts a Arab Supremacist, apartheid state as long as it is called Palestine! 

Somehow Erekat's words and his deeds are acceptable to the German government. 

Somehow in the eyes of the German government and Der Spiegal, it is acceptable for Jews to be ethnically cleansed in what will become the Palestinian State. 

What is wrong with Jews living in what will become Palestine? If Arabs can be citizens of Israel surely Jews will be allowed to be citizens of Palestine, right? 

Why don't the Germans have something to say about these atrocious, borderline Nazi like Palestinian policies? 

Here is another question for the German Government and for the Times of Israel. 

Why is it acceptable for the Palestinians to have a law that makes selling land to a Jew an illegal action that is punishable by death? HELLO, LIBERALS, the Palestinian Authority enacted a law that makes selling land to Jews ILLEGAL! 

And last but not least, the government of Germany might not take it seriously when the government of Israel says the Labeling of goods from the Settlements by the European Union is anti-Semitic and an anti-Jewish boycott, but we Israelis take it very seriously. 

The German government is totally out of sync with the majority of Israelis vis-a-vis EU labeling and that is scary. 

But it is not just the citizens of Israel that the Germans are ignoring. Comments by the political opposition in Israel, leaders like Yair Lapid and Itzhak Herzog, have also called the labeling an anti-Jewish boycott. 

The EU (Germany is the backbone of EU policy) is carrying out this flagrantly (flagrant and yet the European politicians are to ignorant to see the anti-Semitism in the labeling policy) anti-Jewish boycott at the very moment when the deepness of European anti-Semitism is being reveled in England and across the continent. 

If the Germans decide that ratifying anti-Semitism by EU labeling and UN resolutions is correct and if the Germans think that ignoring Palestinians anti-Semitism is acceptable, then the problem is with the Germans not the Israeli government. 

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