Saturday, May 21, 2016

The Usual Suspects

⚜The Duke of the North⚜

Last week there was an excellent article written in Commentary Magazine by Jonathan Tobin.

The article focused on a classical, political chess move that was performed by Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu.

Bibi, once again put the Obama administration into Israeli, political checkmate.

For eight years The President of The United States of America has been attempting (probably illegally) to change the political outcome of elections inside of a democratic ally, Israel.

For eight years Obama has tried and failed to oust Benjamin Netanyahu from the seat of the Prime Ministership.

The hutzpah of American Jewish Democrats and American democrats to chastise Netanyahu for speaking in front of congress is so far beyond hypocritical. When one looks at how President Obama has interfered so deeply in Israeli politics, it's hard to believe they had a word to say.

Yet Bibi outfoxed the Obama administration again.

Obama was hoping Bibi would bring Itzhak Herzog and the left leaning Zionist Union party into his governing coalition.

Of course the idea was engineered by the master of Obama propaganda and lies, Ben Rhodes. In their minds, unseating Bibi was going to be Obama's final triumph.

But it was Bibi who pulled the rug out from under Obama and his administration of liars.

He did this by bringing Avigdor Lieberman and his right wing (it is important to mention that Lieberman backs the Two State Solution)Yisreal Beytanu Party into his coalition.

Ben Rhodes must be seething this very moment. I can see him now, sitting in his propaganda fortress under the Oval Office, just not getting it, what went wrong.

I imagine the same goes for Secretary of State John Kerry and President Barack Obama. They must be so confused, they too are just not getting what has just happened to them.

But it's simple enough boys, it's called the rules of the Shuk. These are rules no American will ever understand without living in Israel for a long, long period of time.

You see, as much as the NYTimes, Salon Magazine, Time Magazine and other such media outlets would like you to believe that Israel is some quasi European State, implanted in the Middle-East, (actually that would be Lebanon and the city of Beirut) they are dead wrong.

Israel and Israelis are the indigenous people of the region and believe me we know how to play politics better than anyone.

What Rhodes, Kerry and Obama don't understand is how well politics is understood by all Israelis.

Unlike in America, where numerous Bernie Sanders supporters were quoted on tv calling the presidential elect that THEY WANT, a congressman, Israelis know every detail of their politicians lives.

How could the great Ben Rhodes, who was able to fool so many American journalists (as he himself admitted in an interview given to the NYTimes) believe that Bibi would not see the inner turmoil burning inside of the Zionist Union Party.

Itzhak Herzog is a leader who could barely keep half the party he leads from bolting at the proposed joining of a coalition with The Likud.

Again, the Americans just don't get it.

Benjamin Netanyahu believes that he is leading Israel at a time when the country needs absolute protection. Much like another beleaguered Prime Minister, David Ben-Gurion.

To many forget that Ben-Gurion made many diplomatic and political moves that drove many mad in defense of Israel, including the Altelena Affair.

Herzog is a leader sure to loose command of his party. This in turn would lead to the Zionist Union bolting the coalition and would then force new elections and finally, hopefully, for Obama, bring down Bibi before the Pharaoh left the White House.

But all of this must have been so obvious to Bibi.

My dear Mr. Rhodes, as you have said, you may be able to spoon feed the American media and American democrats snake oil and lies like a baby, but why in the world would you believe that the wiliest of Israeli politicians would buy your junk?

Really, it's a bit embarrassing that those running this American Administration are better at lying to the American people then they are at understanding foreign policy, especially middle-eastern foreign policy.

Of course this has to make you think about how much the Americans got played by the Iranians while dinning over nuclear issues.

In fact, it is down right scary.

If this administration was so clueless about Israeli politics when in it came into power eight years ago and it still has learned nothing when it comes to the politics of an ally like Israel, it just shows that they are as blind as a bat without sonar when it comes to Iran.

We can only hope the next president does something to retract what has become the biggest lie of the Twenty First Century,The Iranian Nuclear Deal, crafted by one of the Twenty First Centuries greatest charlatans, Ben Rhodes.

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