Tuesday, June 7, 2016


⚜The Duke of the North⚜

Today It seems the left only knows one thing, how to threaten people.

In fact the left, which is not really the left, which has nothing to do with liberal principles, has become fascist, period.

I was born in a liberal household, I believe in liberal ideals.

One key, if not the key to liberalism is THE FREEDOM OF SPEECH!

Today, those "supporting" the "left" stand in direct contrast to everything that is liberal, including the Freedom of Speech!

Preventing people from expressing there thoughts through violence is a key component of fascism.

Today we get to see this Brownshirt behavior demonstrated at almost every Trump rally by who, the left.

No dear friends of the left, it is not the Trump supporters starting riots, burning cars and threatening people. It is the Bernites doing this fascist work.

I may not like Trump and I will not vote for him but he should be allowed to express his ideas just as Bernie Sanders and Hillary Clinton do.

Trump and his supporters must be protected from the fascist gangsterism being used against them, period!

What is both interesting and disturbing is that the Obama-controlled media totally ignores the endless disruptions (violations of the first amendment) of Trump rallies. Not even an editorial condemning this Brownshirt type of behavior.

Sanders and his Israel hating advisors (intelligent, academic, anti-Semite Cornell West, anti-Semite James Zogby and anti-Semite Keith Ellison) are demanding that the Democratic Platform be tilted against Israel. Question is: What will Hillary Clinton do about?
And yes like the Nazis, Bernie is promising lots of free stuff, lots of making things better through socialism and lots subliminal "well the worlds problems rest at the feet of the Jew among the nations and I'm going to put a stop to that".

In fact much of what Bernie Sanders says should be down right scary for most of the liberal world, but apparently everyone is asleep. The way he uses his fanatical mob to put fear into his opponents is also down right scary.

Between the thugs who are out on the street beating people up in the Name of the Bern and his outwardly anti-Semitic underlings, Bernie Sanders sounds a lot like a fascist demagogue.

But I guess my fellow leftist friends fell asleep at the wheel when they started allowing those who wish to commit the ethnic cleansing of the 80% Jewish, Democratic Nation of Israel into the Democratic party.

I guess they fell asleep at the wheel when it became ok again to blame everything on the Jews and the Jewish nation state while the world is controlled by Islamic/Muslim Arab Oil states, being that almost everything in our world is a petroleum product from the Gas you put in your hybrid car to the plastic bottles in your fridge.

More than ever Arabist Academics have gone to poisoning students with anti-Israel, Jew-Hating propaganda.

Meanwhile in many countries of Africa, in Syria, in Kurdistan, in Iraq, in Iran; (make that almost every Muslim and Muslim Arab country) radical Islam and its Jihadists(we can't actually say these words because the thought police on Facebook, Twitter and in Obamistan won't stand for someone telling the truth) are planning on killing everyone in the world who isn't a Muslim or isn't a Muslim that subscribes to their vision of Islam.

But again, I didn't really say that, because you can't say that about Islam, it might offend the Muslim who wants to slit your throat.

And while all of this is going on the American debt has reached 19 trillion under President Barack Obama.

A small portion of this debt is owned by the American people. To much of it is owned by China, Saudi Arabia, Japan and Qatar. But somehow this is not Obama's fault, even though he has been President for the last 8 years.

But none of this matters as Ben Rhodes will tell you.

After all he is the least qualified Deputy National Security Advisor in the history of America, a playwright actually.

He is the man who has openly admitted to lying and manipulating the press so it could be used, literally as his tool, to make the American people believe that letting the fanatical Shia Muslim government of Iran have nuclear weapons was a good idea.

Obama has bamboozled Americans with the notion that Israel is the real problem. Yet Iran continues to threaten the only democracy in the Middle-East with impunity.

And when it comes to anti-Semitism Iran has that nailed down!

The difference once was that the left was at the forefront of fighting against fascist, anti-Semites and fanatical anti-Semitic regimes like Iran.

Now they've just become one of the Jew-hating club.

But hey, those that can feel the Bern. They probably won't be able to tell you the three different branches of the American Government.

They probably won't be able to tell you who said "Give me Liberty or give me Death".

Nor while these pseudo liberals supporting the self-hating Jew, Bermie Sanders be able to tell you who said "The only thing we have to fear is fear itself".

But what does that matter, they can surely tell you five strains of Marijuana (let it be known that I strongly support the full legalization of Marijuana).

Both Franklin D. Roosevelt and Eleanor Roosevelt are rolling in their graves this very moment, be sure of that.

Goodnight America and sweet dreams, I hope you wake up soon!

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